The City of Banning is located strategically at the cusp of Interstate 10 in the San Gorgonio Pass. Historically, it had served as a railroad and stagecoach stop between the Los Angeles and Arizona territories, but since the 1990s, the city has increased in both population and size, and is now has become a lively place to live in. The warm-summer Mediterranean climate of the region helps, too.

If you’re willing to be a part of the friendly community by building a new home here, or are looking to remodel your existing home, you need the approval of the Banning Community Development Department. They can be reached at their official number, (951) 922-3120. However, receiving the permits is often a difficult task because of the legalities involved in the process. The wrong word in the wrong place can bring about the wrong interpretation, leading to rejection from the planning department. Our structural engineer in the City of Banning will be able to meet and plan your development with officials at their office on 99 E. Ramsey Street, Banning, CA 92220.

The Eden Group has been working with the city’s Planning Department for several years. We have worked with their team on numerous residential and commercial projects, an experience which has equipped us with the understanding of their process and the key elements that are essential for a permit to be approved.

Our structural engineers can develop grading plans, drainage plans and hydrology plans and help you with relevant paperwork that guarantees approval. Reach out to us today and join the ranks of our satisfied customers that have seen their projects through to completion.