Known as the ‘Media Capital of the World’, the entertainment industry has significantly contributed to the fast growing economy of Burbank. Many entertainment companies including Warner Bros, Walt Disney, ABC and NBC Universal have headquarters and facilities located here; thus presenting tons of employment opportunities to job seekers.

With so many job seekers relocating to Burbank, the demand for residential developments is also on the rise. If you’re thinking of investing in and building a residential development in Burbank, then now is the best time.

However, before you get started, it is advisable to contact the Community Development Department. This department is made of five divisions: the administration, building, planning, transportation and housing & economic development. The mission of this department is to maintain well-planned residential and commercial neighborhoods, strive for economic vitality, and ensure safe developments.

The Community Development Department officials can provide you quality information on the land use, zoning and construction planning regulations of the city; and more importantly, the permits needed before you start your construction work. So, first schedule an appointment with the official via phone on 1-818-238-5176. The municipality address is 150 N 3rd St#242, Burbank, CA.

If you wish to have an experienced structural & civil engineer in the City of Burbank discuss your project with the Development Department officials, then contact the Eden Group. We have years of experience in developing residential and commercial projects. We have worked on several development projects with the Community Development Department of the City of Burbank so we know their permit requirements and how they work.

Our team of structural engineers can meet the Development Department team and streamline your construction work, ensuring that it is started and completed on time and within budget.