Building in the City of Agoura Hills 

The city council has launched a comprehensive planning program to guarantee that the anticipated growth within the City is organized, planned, and coordinated. More notably, that will be consistent with the rural and residential character of the existing community. A thorough general plan has been created and adopted as a result of this endeavor. The creation of regulatory zoning legislation to control land uses and development density and intensity in accordance with all of the goals, objectives, and policies of the City’s general plan is one of the steps necessary for the general plan’s implementation.

The City’s zoning laws are put in place to safeguard, develop, and improve the general welfare and public health, safety, comfort, and convenience. To carry out these objectives, the City shall:

  1. Regulate the use of buildings, structures, and land with commerce, business, residents, and open space.
  2. Regulate billboards and signs.
  3. Regulation of the size, usage, and proportion of lots, yards, courts, and other open spaces, the percentage of a lot that a building or structure may take up, and the intensity of land use.
  4. Define the requirements for loading and parking off-street.
  5. Establish and maintain building setback lines.
  6. By establishing guidelines for hillside development, preserve and maintain the natural nature and aesthetic appeal of hillsides.
  7. Establish additional land use restrictions that may be deemed appropriate for the general welfare of municipal workers and residents, including their health, safety, morals, and public peace.

You can find the zoning map in the Knowledge Center

Building & Safety personnel examines construction projects to ensure that they are in accordance with local ordinances and the California Building Standards Code. Before the issue of a building permit, the plan review procedure must be finished, and all required City permissions must be obtained to guarantee that the planned activity conforms with all applicable laws and rules, including but not limited to building, zoning, and fire standards. The amount of plan review necessary for a project depends on its size.

The majority of project types require thorough construction plans. Construction plans must be specific about the project’s location, nature, and size and how it will adhere to building codes. A qualified team must create the construction plans.

For a list of project categories that need plans planned by a California Licensed Architect or Engineer, consult the Knowledge Center.

Smaller projects can typically be reviewed over the counter at City Hall if the plan review takes less than 30 minutes. Building & Safety may ask that you submit your plans for a more thorough evaluation, depending on your project’s size, scale, complexity, and any potential existing conditions. 

The following types of projects are typically reviewed over the counter:

  • Residential patio covers
  • Residential sheds and storage accessory structures
  • Small home renovations
  • Standard Spas and pools
  • Commercial signs
  • Fence walls
  • Small retaining walls

Documents Supporting the Plan Review: Structural Calculations, Soils Report, and Title 24 report


Planning Department: City of Agoura Hills

The Agoura Hills Planning Department, in particular, through the development and implementation of building codes, ensures the construction of safe buildings. The Building Department creates building regulations and standards for structures. It covers almost all construction-related issues, including design specifications, building materials, parking, catastrophe resilience, and trades like plumbing and electricity.

On all development projects in the City, the Department gives analyses and recommendations to the City Council, Planning Commission, and Architectural Review Panel.

The Department organizes various land use studies and planning projects for the Planning Commission and City Council to consider. These involve the preparation of the General Plan and the Specific plans.

The Department is in charge of assessing regional problems that call for local solutions to preserve and improve quality of life, such as traffic, housing, air pollution, open space preservation, and land use planning.


What does the Building and Safety Department of Agoura Hills do?

The Building and Safety Division of the City of Agoura Hills is committed to offering the highest level of customer service and professional ethics while making sure the built environment of the City complies with laws intended to protect the health, life, and property of the City of Agoura Hills and its residents.

The City of Agoura Hills is dedicated to creating a more livable, equitable, and prosperous community by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and boosting the area’s resilience to the threats and vulnerabilities posed by climate change. The City is pushing AH Green Building techniques to show its dedication to sustainability. The program’s objectives are to promote green building practices in building design, construction, and maintenance while raising awareness of and access to resources for green building.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADU) are independent and semi-independent dwelling units with full or partial provisions for sleeping, cooking, and sanitation. ADUs and JADUs are allowed on properties with existing or proposed single-family dwellings. ADUs are also permitted on lots developed with existing duplexes or multi-family units. However, JADUs is only allowed as part of a single-family dwelling.


How does it work?

The administration and execution of several maintenance and service programs, such as the upkeep of streets, parks, sewers, storm drains, traffic signals, medians, and the control of weeds and litter, are handled by the Public Works Department within the City of Agoura Hills.

The department is also in charge of land development, stormwater management, installing or building capital improvement projects, and creating public infrastructure.

Recently, the City of Agoura enhanced street sweeping on public roadways for hygienic and cosmetic reasons and to stop debris from being washed into the storm drains from the gutters. As you may know, one of the numerous environmental “best management practices” that the City of Agoura Hills employs to protect the streams and the ocean is street sweeping.


Where is Agoura Hills?

The City of Agoura Hills is located in the Los Angeles County, California, area near the Santa Monica Mountains. It has more than 19,800 residents. It’s located between the Simi Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains in the eastern Conejos Valley. Agoura Hills is known for its best-rated hiking paths, equestrian ranches, and horse trails.


Contact Information 

We suggest reaching out to the City of Agoura Hills Community Department at:
Phone: 818-597-7339
30001 Ladyface Court, Agoura Hills, CA 91301