Alhambra is a small city situated west of the San Gabriel Valley  in  LA County, California. Over the years, the city has developed dramatically, featuring several desirable neighborhoods and commercial projects. The increase in the development of both residential and commercial projects in and across Alhambra can be credited to the City’s Planning Division.

Alhambra’s Planning Division Department continues to work actively in maintaining the city’s land development and land use standards. Its staff works closely with homeowners and contractors to streamline the permit process and project construction work.

Alhambra’s Planning Commission staff comprises of 10 residents appointed by the City Council who are responsible for helping homeowners in identifying planning related challenges and opportunities, reviewing project plans and zoning changes. If you’re interested in meeting the Planning Commission team to discuss your project needs give them a call on 626-570-5034.  The municipality’s address is City Hall, 111 S.First.St, Alhambra, CA, 91801. The Planning Division Counter Hours are 8 am to 10 am and 3pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Since development projects involve technicalities, it is advisable to hire an expert planner to lead project-related discussions. You can have one of our professionals meet the Planning Commission team to discuss your project needs. Grading plans, street improvement plans, hydrology plans and shoring plans are examples of plans that need a permit through the planning division.

The Eden Group has years of experience working with City Planning Division officials. Our skilled and experienced engineers can help lead your project and ensure a smooth running development. To ensure your project starts and ends in your pre-defined time frame, it is crucial that you conform to the City’s Zoning laws and resolve all planning issues beforehand.