The City of Apple Valley was incorporated in 1988. The city is located in the Victor Valley and has a very comfortable climate. It is a great place to reside and work in. The 2010 census reported that the population of the city was 69,135.

The fast-growing city is a great place to live and conduct business in. If you have a residential or commercial project to construct or remodel, you will need to contact the Apple Valley Community Development Department for their approval. They can be reached at their official number, (760) 240-7000, or at their office on 14955 Dale Evans Parkway, Apple Valley, CA 92307. You can also have experienced civil and structural engineers in Apple Valley present your plans and documents to the relevant authorities.

The Eden Group can make matters hassle-free for you. It is a fact that a single misplaced word can lead to rejection of your project. We can help you avoid such ambiguities. We have been working with the city’s Planning Department for a long time and have the required experience and expertise to craft drainage plans, grading plans, street improvement plans, structural plans, hydrology plans and documentation according to the planning regulations of the city and making that clear with an ambiguity-free presentation. If you want to ensure that your project does not get rejected based on seemingly small mistakes, have a professional take care of it. Reach out to our experts today to discuss your project needs.