Baldwin Park is situated in the heart of San Gabriel Valley. Over the years, the city has developed significantly in both the residential and commercial sectors. However, it still presents several lucrative property development opportunities for developers and investors.

If you’re planning to invest and build a development project here, then the first thing you need to do is get in touch with the Planning Department. It is responsible for updating and maintaining Baldwin Park’s general plan and development codes. Besides this, the Department also reviews all major applications and clearances.

You can contact the Planning Division’s official on 1 (626) 813-5261 or you can have one of our experienced engineers represent your case and discuss your project needs with the Planning Division’s team. The municipality’s address is 14403 Pacific Avenue, Baldwin Park, CA 91706.

Our team of structural engineers can discuss your project with their officials, get answers to all your queries, help you with permit acquisition and everything in between. We have worked on several construction projects in Baldwin Park over the years which include grading plans, drainage plans, street improvement plans and hydrology plans, so we know exactly how their development process works.



Building in the City of Baldwin Park :

Four residential zones have been established to give residents comfortable, healthy, safe, and enjoyable housing arrangements. These areas must be kept apart from disruptive and incompatible activities that can interfere with this goal. To meet city residents’ housing and development needs, the zones are made to accommodate particular development strategies.

Low-Density Single-Family Residential Zone (R-1-7,500)

The R-1-7,500 zoning district offers locations for constructing detached single-family homes on lots larger than or equal to 7,500 square feet. The zone’s purpose is to safeguard and maintain the qualities of single-family residential communities, such as larger lots and isolation from incompatible land uses.

Single-Family Residential Zone (R-1) 

The R-1 zone offers locations for the construction of detached single-family homes.

Garden Multi-Family Residential Zone (R-G)

The R-G zone offers a setting appropriate for both small-lot detached and attached homes, where more than one unit may be constructed on a lot. The goal is to foster qualities that make medium-density areas desirable.

High-Density Multi-Family Residential Zone (R-3)

The R-3 zone offers residents the chance to live in single-family homes on small lots and multi-unit housing, like flats or condos, with shared facilities and common open space.

Maintaining open space areas provides optimal experience, allows sunlight to enter interior spaces, and creates a roomy, welcoming atmosphere. For all properties classified for residential use, the following rules apply to the mandatory open space areas:

  1. On a lot, there may be more than one open space area. The total available space area for a property is the product of the square footage of all the eligible open space areas.
  2. It is possible to include needed side or rear yard areas in the computed open space area but not a required front yard area.
  3. There cannot be an open space between a house and a street.
  4. There must be an equal distribution of open space areas for every residential unit on a lot.
  5. Except for swimming pools, spas, and similar ancillary uses utilized for recreation, open space areas shall not be infringed upon by structures, parking, driveways, or right-of-ways.

Five commercial and industrial zones are established to meet the business and service needs of the resident and business communities while ensuring compatibility with adjacent land uses. The zones can accommodate different types and intensities of commercial and industrial development.

Neighborhood Commercial Zone (C-1)

The C-1 zone offers spaces for developing and protecting low-intensity, neighborhood-scale retail and commercial service uses that benefit the locals.

General Commercial Zone (C-2)

To address the shopping and service demands of the nearby residential and commercial populations, the C-2 zone offers places for developing a wide range of retail, service, and entertainment businesses.

Freeway Commercial Zone (F-C)

The F-C zone offers locations for constructing commercial centers that complement one another and are freeway-oriented, regionally-serving office and retail complexes.

Industrial-Commercial Zone (I-C)

The I-C zone offers spaces for the construction of office buildings, light manufacturing companies, and industrial parks.

Industrial Zone (I)

The I zone offers locations for the growth of general assembly, manufacturing, processing, and supporting commercial applications sectors.

You can find the zoning map in the Knowledge Center.


City of Baldwin Park – Planning Department:

The Planning Division is in charge of revising and maintaining the City’s General Plan and development laws to satisfy the community’s present and future demands for land use, urban design, economic development, transit, and housing. These publications serve as guidelines for the Division’s ongoing development of policies and activities.

One of the General Plan’s seven required elements is the Housing Element. The Housing Element describes how to meet the housing demands of both current and future resident populations. The Housing Element must be revised every eight years.

The Housing Element comprises five sections: Needs Assessment, Housing Constraints, and Housing Resources Review of Previous Accomplishments from the 2008-2014 Housing Element Housing Plan.

City of Baldwin Park – Building and Safety Department:

By upholding the Uniform Model Codes, State legislation, and other sections of the Municipal Code, the Building and Safety Division safeguards the general public’s health, life, safety, and welfare in existing and proposed structures.

The Department’s offerings include:

  1. Checking the process-plan
  2. Publish building permits
  3. Verify that the construction location complies with any issued building permits.
  4. React to the destruction of structures as a result of natural catastrophes
  5. Encourage and promote the renovation of current structures
  6. Encourage public education about building regulations

The City of Baldwin Park – Public Works Department:

The Division is responsible for various aspects of the City of Baldwin Park’s infrastructure, including the maintenance and improvements of public streets.

Three Divisions make up the Department of Public Works, each of which helps to maintain and develop the City’s infrastructure. The Department also significantly impacts the City’s emergency response and preparation for catastrophic disasters like earthquakes, floods, and hazardous material spills.

The Department of Public Works’ special initiatives and programs include recycling grass, beverage containers, used motor oil, alternative fuel vehicles, street tree planting, and energy efficiency.

The following divisions make up the Department of Public Works:


  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Plan Checking of Public Improvements
  • Inspection of Public Improvements
  • Right-of-Way Engineering and Land Development
  • Transportation Management
  • Used Oil Program
  • Storm Water Program
  • Industrial Waste Program
  • Sewer System Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

  • Street Tree Maintenance
  • Public Street Median Maintenance
  • Parks Landscaping
  • Right-of-Way Vegetation Management
  • Irrigation Maintenance

Street Maintenance / Environmental

  • Graffiti Removal (GRAB Program)
  • Refuse Collection, Waste Reduction, and Recycling Program
  • Road and Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Street Sweeping and Street Cleaning
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance
  • Street Striping

General Area Summary: 

More than 1,000 typical artifacts from the 1850s to 1950s are on display at the Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum, including local maps, agricultural relics, radios, apparel, and photographs. Baldwin Park’s annual Summer Concert in the Park Series, hosted at Morgan Park, offers free outdoor musical entertainment in the summertime.

Contact Information:

You can find the City Hall: at 14403 E. Pacific Avenue, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, Or call them at (626) 960-4011.