Within 4 hours via car of 10% of the US population, the City of Blythe is popular tourist stop and a favorite among hikers and campers.

If you’d like to build a residential or commercial project there or remodel existing one(s), you need to get the stamp of approval from the Blythe Community Development Department. You can reach them at 760-922-6130 ext. 1228 or at their address, 235 North Broadway, Blythe, CA 92225.

However, if you want the process to be streamlined, the Eden group can help. Our structural and civil engineers in Blythe have been working with the Blythe Planning Department for many years, and have the experience and skills to develop grading plans, drainage plans, street improvement plans and hydrology plans that have the highest chances of approval.

If you wish to have your plans developed by professionals and have them approved in time, reach out to us today.