The City of Calimesa is located in the San Gorgonio Pass. It was officially incorporated in December of 1990. The city has since then increased to a population of 7,879, according to the 2010 census.

If you have a residential or commercial project to set up or renovate in the city, you need to get the plans through Calimesa Community Development Department for approval. You can reach them at 909.795.9801, ext. 229 or 237, or plan an appointment at their location on 908 Park Avenue, Calimesa, California 92320.

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Building in the City of Calimesa :

The process of planning and building in the City of Calimesa involves several steps and requirements that property owners and developers must follow to ensure compliance with local regulations and standards. Here is an overview of the planning process for building in the city:

  1. Obtain a building permit: The first step in the planning process is to obtain a building permit from the City of Calimesa. The permit is necessary for all new construction, additions, and remodeling projects. The application for a building permit can be obtained from the City’s Building and Safety Department.
  2. Review zoning regulations: Once the building permit is obtained, the property owner or developer must review the zoning regulations that apply to the property. The City’s Zoning Ordinance sets out the requirements for land use, building setbacks, and other regulations that must be followed.
  3. Submit plans for review: After obtaining a building permit and reviewing zoning regulations, the next step is to submit building plans to the City’s Planning Department for review. The plans must include all relevant information, such as floor plans, elevations, and specifications for the project.
  4. Plan review: The Planning Department will review the submitted plans to ensure they meet the requirements outlined in the Zoning Ordinance and other regulations. If the plans do not comply with the regulations, the Planning Department will provide feedback to the property owner or developer, who will need to revise and resubmit the plans.
  5. Public hearings: Depending on the project’s scope, the property owner or developer may need to attend public hearings before the City’s Planning Commission or City Council. These hearings are intended to allow the public to voice any concerns about the project and for the City to determine if the proposed project meets the community’s needs.
  6. Permit issuance: After the plan review and any necessary public hearings, the Building and Safety Department will issue the building permit if the project meets all the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance and other regulations.
  7. Construction: Once the building permit is issued, construction can begin. The property owner or developer must ensure that all work is performed in accordance with the approved plans and any conditions of approval set forth by the City.

In summary, the planning process for building in the City of Calimesa involves obtaining a building permit, reviewing zoning regulations, submitting plans for review, attending public hearings, obtaining a permit, and proceeding with construction in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards. Property owners and developers should work closely with City officials throughout the process to ensure a smooth and successful project.


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City of Calimesa – Planning Department:

The Planning Division of the City of Calimesa is responsible for ensuring that all development within the city adheres to the standards and regulations established in the Zoning Ordinance. This is done to ensure that all current and future development is consistent with the City’s General Plan, which outlines the City’s long-term plans for growth and development.

When a new development is proposed, the Planning Division works closely with other departments and outside agencies to coordinate the review of land use entitlement applications. These applications can include Development Plan Reviews, Conditional Use Permits, Variances, Tentative Tract and Parcel Maps, and others. The Planning Division ensures that the planning process meets all environmental review requirements set forth by the State and Federal governments.

In addition to enforcing regulations and reviewing land use entitlement applications, the Planning Division provides general information regarding zoning requirements and regulations to the public. This information can help property owners and developers to understand what is required of them when proposing new development or making changes to existing structures.

The Planning Division plays an essential role in the City’s development process, serving as the secretary to the Planning Commission. This commission is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on various planning and development-related issues, including zoning changes, land use entitlement applications, and the City’s General Plan. The Planning Division works closely with the Planning Commission to ensure that all development within the City meets the highest standards of safety, sustainability, and compatibility with the surrounding community.


City of Calimesa – Building and Safety Department:

The Building and Safety Division of the City of Calimesa aims to provide high-quality services to the community in an efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful manner. The division is dedicated to ensuring that all new development within the city is constructed in accordance with the highest safety standards while also ensuring that existing structures are maintained in a safe condition.

To achieve this goal, the Building and Safety Division is responsible for reviewing building plans, issuing permits, and conducting inspections for all construction activities within the City. These services are performed to ensure that all construction complies with the California Building Code, Electrical Code, Plumbing Code, and Fire Code, which the City adopts.

The review of building plans by the Building and Safety Division is an essential step in the construction process. This review ensures that the proposed construction meets all applicable codes and regulations. Once the plans are approved, the division issues permits for the construction to begin.

During construction, the division conducts inspections to ensure that the work is being done in accordance with the approved plans and codes. Inspections are conducted at various stages of construction, such as foundation, framing, electrical, and plumbing. The division also performs final inspections to ensure that the construction is completed in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations.

The Building and Safety Division’s efforts play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the community by ensuring that all construction activities are carried out in a safe and compliant manner. Additionally, the division is responsible for responding to complaints and enforcing building codes and regulations in cases of non-compliance.


City of Calimesa – Public Works Department:

The Public Works Department of the City of Calimesa is responsible for maintaining and improving all the infrastructure within the City. This includes storm drains, sewage collection systems, traffic signals, parks, median islands, roadways, and facilities. In addition, the department also manages the City’s solid waste and recycling programs and stormwater programs.

The Public Works Department is committed to providing efficient and cost-effective services related to the engineering, maintenance, and operation of public facilities and equipment. The department works towards ensuring that the City’s infrastructure is well-maintained, functional, and safe for the community.

One of the Public Works Department’s primary responsibilities is to maintain the storm drains and sewage collection system. The department works to ensure that the City’s drainage systems are clear of debris and functioning properly to prevent flooding and water damage during heavy rainstorms. The sewage collection system is also inspected and maintained regularly to ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively.

The department also manages the City’s traffic signals, ensuring that they are functioning properly and facilitating the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Additionally, the department is responsible for maintaining the City’s parks and median islands, ensuring that they are clean, safe, and accessible for the community to enjoy.

The Public Works Department is also responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the City’s roadways. This includes routine maintenance, such as filling potholes and repairing road damage, as well as larger-scale projects, such as road widening and repaving.

Furthermore, the department manages the City’s solid waste and recycling programs, ensuring that waste is collected and disposed of properly and recyclable materials are recycled efficiently.


General Area Summary: 

Calimesa is a small city located in Riverside County, California. It is situated in the San Gorgonio Pass and covers an area of approximately 15 square miles. The city has a population of around 8,000 people, and its economy is primarily based on agriculture and tourism.

Calimesa is known for its beautiful natural scenery, including the nearby San Bernardino National Forest and Yucaipa Regional Park. The city is also home to several parks, including the Calimesa Community Park and the Calimesa Country Club. The city is easily accessible by major highways and is a short distance from larger cities such as Redlands and San Bernardino.

Overall, Calimesa is a charming and peaceful city that offers residents and visitors a small-town atmosphere with easy access to outdoor recreation and larger urban areas.


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