Building in the City of Carson :

The zoning code’s goal is to protect the public’s health, safety, comfort, and general welfare by creating land use districts that are intended to achieve the physical, environmental, economic, and social benefits of planned land use following the City of Carson’s General Plan, and by establishing the rules for the development and use of land and improvements within the various districts that will ensure that the growth and development are feasible.

There are four basic categories of zoning districts: residential, commercial, industrial, and open space/special use.

You can find the zoning map in the Knowledge Center.

This Housing Element provides the City of Carson’s strategy and commitment to meeting the community’s housing needs. The Housing Element offers a chance to address changing conditions, priorities, needs, and resources in the City. The City’s top goal is to provide housing that enhances stability, affordability, equity, and opportunity for all Carson residents in light of the region’s worst housing crisis and the increasingly obvious ways it exacerbates already-existing imbalances.

California State law mandates the establishment of a Housing Element as part of a jurisdiction’s General Plan to identify and address the housing requirements of the community. The Housing Element, in contrast to the General Plan, must be modified every eight years to reflect evolving circumstances, community aims, and aspirations.

The following housing objectives are set forth:

  1. Preserve and upgrade Carson’s current housing stock.
  2. Promote the construction of various housing types to satisfy the requirements of the whole community, with a focus on multifamily housing and development guidelines that make it easier to produce housing.
  3. Protect affordable housing “at risk” of conversion and encourage the construction of more affordable housing.
  4. Encourage and protect housing options for people with special needs, such as low-income families, large families, single-parent households, people with disabilities, the elderly, and the homeless.
  5. Access to housing for all people, regardless of color, religion, ethnicity, ability, sex, age, marital status, household size, or any other arbitrary characteristic.
  6. Conserve energy and natural resources in all facets of home development.



City of Carson – Planning Department:

The Planning Division oversees compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for public and private projects and plans for the City’s physical, social, and economic growth. To promote high-quality and sustained economic growth, the Planning Division assesses private development proposals with the Building & Safety Division.

Additionally, the department creates long-term plans and policy papers for the City’s economic and physical growth. Ensures that the General Plan, Specific Plans, Zoning Code, and other policy documents comply with applicable laws and adequately represent community needs and preferences.


City of Carson – Building, and Safety Department:

The department’s duties include issuing permits, which include processing, collecting money, and obtaining data for the general public; Perform Construction Inspection reviews of all phases of new private construction and city-owned facilities for compliance with City of Carson Building Code Requirements and State mandated requirements. Plan Check examines plans for structural design and compliance with the City of Carson Building Code Requirements.

The Knowledge Center contains the Online Plan Submittal.

The online submission process gives applicants flexibility when submitting engineering and construction documentation for LA County Building and Safety approval. Additionally, to improve communication and customer service.


City of Carson – Public Works Department:

The Public Works Department is dedicated to maintaining a safe, sanitary, and healthy environment for the residents of Carson. Public Works aims to improve the overall quality of life for the community via the planning, development, upkeep, and administration of the municipal infrastructure system.

Three departments, including Engineering, Landscape/Building Maintenance, and Right of Way, are under the direction of the Director of Public Works.

The Engineering Division supports the other two divisions with project management and technical expertise and is the cornerstone of a contemporary Public Works department. The engineering team chooses the studies that must be conducted to tell the department about shortcomings, legal obligations, compliance, cost-effectiveness, practical methods, and strategic goals. Executive management and the City Council can prioritize projects using the information from these activities.

The Landscape and Building Maintenance (LBM) Division is part of Public Works Operations at the Corporate Yard. It is in charge of taking care of the parks, sports grounds, and municipal amenities. Carson also receives landscaping services from LBM in the form of parkway trees, right-of-way maintenance, median maintenance, and tree pruning. These services make it possible to utilize public places safely, improve municipal cleanliness, and add plants to make the public right of way more appealing.

The other component of Public Works’ operations at the Corporate Yard is the Right of Way (ROW) Division. It keeps up with roadway maintenance and infrastructure upkeep to protect public safety. It is responsible for construction, street sweeping, pavement markings, striping, and materials reduction. Additionally, it helps with trash management, including electronic recycling, used oil management, solid waste management, and garbage diversion from demolition. The division’s assets include fleet cars, equipment, and warehouse goods.


General Area Summary: 

Carson is a city in Los Angeles County, California, in the South Bay region of Los Angeles, located south of downtown Los Angeles. Carson is the newest municipality in the South Bay region of Metropolitan Los Angeles.

The population of Carson is over 93,500. The municipality of Carson is well recognized for being an industrial hub with unmatched access to transportation and the Pacific Rim. It also has a diversified population and is a desirable area to live and work in.


Contact Information:

Carson city hall is at 701 E Carson Street, Carson, CA 90745, and their phone number is(310) 830-7600.