Building in the City of Cedarpines Park :

The specific steps in the planning and building process in Cedarpines Park will vary depending on the local government regulations and zoning laws. However, generally speaking, the process typically includes the following steps:

  1. Pre-application: This is the initial stage, where the applicant meets with the planning department to discuss the project proposal and to determine what type of application will be required, such as a zoning change, conditional use permit, or building permit.
  2. Application: The applicant submits a formal application, along with any required plans and documents, such as site plans, architectural drawings, and environmental impact reports.
  3. Review and Approval: The planning department reviews the application to ensure it complies with all local regulations and zoning laws. The application may also be reviewed by other departments, such as the building department, and may require public hearings.
  4. Issuance of Permits: If the application is approved, the planning department will issue the necessary permits, such as a building or zoning change permit.
  5. Construction: With the necessary permits, the applicant can begin construction on the project.
  6. Inspection and Approval: The building department will conduct inspections to ensure that the project is being built in accordance with the approved plans and permits. Once the project is complete, the building department will issue a certificate of occupancy, indicating that the building is safe to occupy.

It’s important to note that the process is subject to change depending on the local jurisdiction, project type, and specific requirements.


Additional Information

City of Cedarpines Park – Planning Department:

Cedarpines Park doesn’t have a specific planning department.

The county government handles its planning and building regulations for the area rather than a specific department for the Cedarpines Park community.

The San Bernardino County Planning Department oversees the planning and development process within the county, including land use, zoning, and building regulations. The department ensures that development is consistent with the county’s General Plan and other local regulations.

The department’s responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and processing development proposals, such as zone changes, conditional use permits, and building permits.
  • Providing technical assistance to communities, developers, and the public on land use and zoning issues.
  • Administering the county’s environmental review process, including conducting environmental assessments and issuing negative declarations or mitigated negative declarations as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
  • Maintaining and updating the county’s General Plan and other land use plans.
  • Enforcing land use and zoning regulations, including issuing citations and fines for violations.


City of Cedarpines Park – Building and Safety Department:

The San Bernardino County Building and Safety Division is responsible for enforcing the California Building Code and other state and local regulations to ensure the safety of buildings and structures in the county. The division reviews plans, inspect construction, and issues permits for new construction, remodels, and additions to existing buildings.

The Building and Safety Division’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Reviewing plans and specifications for new construction, remodels, and additions to ensure that they comply with the California Building Code and other state and local regulations.
  • Issuing building permits for new construction remodels and additions, as well as permits for other types of work, such as electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work.
  • Inspecting construction to ensure that it complies with the approved plans and permits and that it meets the requirements of the California Building Code and other state and local regulations.
  • Investigating complaints of building code violations and taking appropriate enforcement action, including issuing citations and fines.
  • Providing technical assistance to builders, architects, engineers, and the general public on building codes and other regulatory requirements.


City of Cedarpines Park – Public Works Department:

The San Bernardino County Public Works Department is responsible for designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating the county’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, flood control systems, and other public works projects. Their services also include solid waste management, environmental health, and transportation planning. The department works to ensure that the county’s infrastructure is safe, efficient, and sustainable for the community.


General Area Summary: 

Cedarpines Park is an unincorporated community in San Bernardino County, California, United States. Cedarpines Park is 10 miles north-northwest of San Bernardino. It has a population of 550.