Since 1956, the City of Cerritos has evolved dramatically and truly become one of the best cities in LA County for families to live in. The city has leveraged its central location to spur economic growth while sustaining it through innovation and quality leadership.

Besides this, the city boasts clean, well-planned and beautifully maintained residential and commercial neighborhoods, with abundant recreational facilities providing playing courts, picnic shelters and athletic fields for families to rejoice. Other facilities include 28 parks, performing arts centers and the Cerritos library that houses 300,000 books.

If you’re thinking of building a new home here or wish to remodel an old one, then it is advisable to contact the City’s Community Development Department. This Department includes the Planning/Redevelopment Division, Building and Safety, The Office of the Director and The Geographic Information Systems. The City’s Community Development Department is located at 18125 Bloomfield Avenue. They are open five days a week, Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Schedule an appointment with the desired department official by calling on 562-916-1201 to learn about the required construction permits for approval of your project or allow our experienced structural engineers in the City of Cerritos to meet with specific officials to effectively plan your development.

The Eden Group has been working with the City’s Community Development Department for years now. We have worked with their team on numerous residential and commercial projects. Knowing how they work, we can help you obtain and submit all the needed permits and structural plans.

The Planning Division of the Community Development Department reviews and approves all construction and remodeling projects. As a developer, you will first need a planning approval before starting any construction work. You will have to complete the needed paperwork to get your request approved. We can help you with the paperwork and submit all relevant documents needed for approval. In addition to this, our team of engineers can also assist you with all other services such as grading plans, drainage plans and hydrology plans.



Building in the City of Cerritos :

The City’s development plan, which consists of rules, standards, guidelines, procedures, maps, and diagrams, is established in order to carry out the general plan and coordinate and govern the development and use of real estate across the City. Instead of being positioned broadly as in the general plan, the boundaries of development areas and zones are precisely placed.

The Cerritos GIS is an interactive, online mapping tool that provides 24/7 access to data on properties in Cerritos, including zoning, aerial photography, City data layers, Assessor property data, and entitlement history.

The Cerritos Zoning Map, also known as the Cerritos Development Map, shows the locations of the land use zones in the City of Cerritos where specific uses are allowed and restricted.

The Cerritos Land Use Map is a diagram that illustrates the objectives and principles that will direct future development in accordance with the Cerritos General Plan. The Cerritos Land Use Map, in contrast to the Cerritos Zoning Map, which shows where uses are now allowed or forbidden under the Cerritos Municipal Code, serves as a planning tool for future development.

All three tools are found in the Knowledge Center.

Land use zones are created to provide for the harmonious grouping of related and comparable land uses as well as the application of identical rules to properties that are similarly placed within each zoning classification.

The A (Agricultural Zone) is designed to allow for the continuance of modest agricultural activity at appropriate sites within the City in order to conserve open space and keep a connection with the City’s history. The A zone must have adequate agricultural activity management to ensure compatibility with emerging urban land uses and safeguard adjoining land uses from negative consequences.

The RS (Single-Family Residential Zones) are designed to provide the best locations and development standards for single-family homes, ensure adequate access to schools, parks, and other community service facilities, prohibit adverse effects from adjacent nonresidential uses, protect the residential character of each neighborhood, and promote high-quality architectural design, an excellent environment for family life, and the preservation of residential areas.

The RM (Multi-Family Residential Zone) is designed to support residential projects with a range of dwelling types and high-quality design elements, such as privacy, shared open space, leisure spaces, and amenities that are handy to residents.

The C-O-P (Commercial Office Professional Zone) is designed to allow the use of specified properties for professional office kinds of enterprises and institutions, principally servicing city inhabitants, including those uses linked to medical, professional, financial, administrative, religious, and other related purposes. This zone’s primary goals are to safeguard nearby residential neighborhoods, ensure that these properties will be developed in a way that is consistent with them, and outlaw the majority of commercial land uses that may be allowed in other commercial zones of the City. Additionally, it is envisioned that these initiatives and job openings serve as crucial and desired municipal services.

The CN (Neighborhood Commercial Zone) is designed to enable the operation of businesses that primarily serve the local community’s people, including the retail sale of convenience goods and services, shopping products, and other commercial and professional activities. Additionally, it is hoped that these activities would increase municipal revenue and offer city citizens employment and business opportunities.

The CC (Community Commercial Zone) is designed to allow for the operation of businesses that serve the whole City and its neighboring towns, including the sale of convenience products and services, retail goods and services, and a range of commercial and professional activities. Additionally, it is hoped that these activities would increase municipal revenue and offer city citizens business and job opportunities.

The CR (Regional Commercial Zone) is designed to support various commercial and professional activities, notably the retail sale of products and services, to do business servicing a regional area.

The M (Industrial Zone) is designed to accommodate nonretail commercial, institutional, and public activities of manufacturing, processing, research, science, engineering, wholesale trade, and service nature. However, certain limited retail sales may be permitted in conjunction with a permitted use.


City of Cerritos – Planning Department:

The Planning Commission serves as a body that advises the City Council on the creation of regulations that control the expansion and development of the City. The Commission has the authority and obligation to examine all zoning applications and detailed development plans, hold public hearings, and reach decisions on these matters in the form of recommendations to the City Council. The Planning Commission holds public hearings and provides guidance to the City Council on a variety of topics, including the adoption of the City’s general plan, modifications to the development code and development standards, environmental impact reports, applications for subdivisions and parcel maps, conditional use permits, and a variety of other development-related applications.

All businesses operating in Cerritos must obtain a city planning permit. The Current Planning Division examines development plans and requests for business licenses to ensure that planned uses adhere to regional zoning regulations and the City’s development standards. Building alterations, signage, landscaping, and other physical elements require planning permission. To ensure that new activities are consistent with current development, some firms listed in the Cerritos Municipal Code may be needed to get a conditional use permit (CUP). A building permit granted by the Building and Safety Division is also necessary for building modifications and new construction.


City of Cerritos – Building and Safety Department:

The Building and Safety Department is responsible for the enforcement of building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical codes. It also enforces rules and regulations to ensure that structures are secure by providing inspection services and plan reviews for new development.

By following construction rules, the building and safety department strives to keep city residents safe.


City of Cerritos – Public Works Department:

The Department of Public Works is responsible for administrating and implementing the Capital Improvement Program and providing maintenance services to City facilities. The Engineering Division, the Environmental Services Division, the General Maintenance Division, and the Parks and Trees Division are the four main divisions that make up the Department.

The Engineering Division plans and builds Capital Improvement Projects, repairs residential streets, creates traffic signals, speed limits, and stop signs, issues encroachment permits for work in the public right-of-way, examines subdivision maps, examines on-site grading plans, and works to prevent stormwater pollution.

The Maintenance Division is in charge of the City’s street sweeping program, all City facilities, 240 miles of sidewalk, 250 miles of curb and gutter, more than 2,000 street name signs, street lights, and about 80 traffic signals. It also manages the City’s graffiti removal program and is in charge of street signing and striping.

The City’s Parks and Trees Division maintains 30,000 trees across the City’s parks, parkways, and roadway medians, as well as the Iron-Wood Nine Golf Course, 21 public parks totaling 200 acres of open space, and more than 3 million square feet of landscaped medians, parkways, and freeway areas.


General Area Summary: 

Cerritos is a city in Los Angeles County, California, and is one of several cities that constitute the Gateway Cities of southeast Los Angeles County. It has a population of over 48,300. Cerritos is known around Southern California for the Auto Square, an award-winning library, and the Center for the Performing Arts Center.


Contact Information:

Cerritos City Hall is located at 3130, 18125 Bloomfield Avenue, Cerritos, CA 90703. Their phone number is (562) 860-0311.