Building in the City of Cudahy :

The classification, designation, control, and restriction of the use of buildings, land, and structures are the goals of the rules in this zoning code, which enable the best possible use of the property in Cudahy. This zoning code is also used to aid in the execution of the Cudahy General Plan and the quick review of development applications to safeguard and advance the public’s health, safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity, and general welfare.

The “zoning map” that may be viewed in the Knowledge Center shows the borders of the zone districts that apply to specific properties.

Residential zones are established to create residential districts with different population densities compatible within each category for the people who are allowed to live there and the necessary ancillary and auxiliary facilities and uses connected with such living areas.

Four commercial and industrial zones have formed to accommodate the retail and service requirements of the local business and residential areas while guaranteeing compatibility with neighboring land uses. The zones can accommodate different types and intensities of commercial and industrial growth.

The Parks, Schools, and Los Angeles River zones were established to safeguard community places used for education, leisure, and open space and to avoid incompatible growth in areas that ought to be maintained or controlled for those uses.

Two mixed-use zones have been created to offer options for integrated, complementing residential and commercial development on a single property or a continuous collection of properties.


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City of Cudahy – Planning Department:

The Planning Department ensures that every new construction complies with all relevant municipal, state, and federal laws.

Aside from reviewing development plans, planners also give potential developers information on new construction, zoning regulations, and laws.

The Inclusionary Housing Program’s goal is to promote the creation and accessibility of affordable housing by guaranteeing that the proportion of affordable housing units added to the City’s housing stock equals the proportion of new housing units added overall.

With the help of the inclusionary Housing Program, criteria and guidelines are established to promote the creation of affordable housing for various households with different income levels.


City of Cudahy – Building and Safety Department:

The Building and Safety Department is responsible for the enforcement of building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical codes. By offering inspection services and plan checks for new construction, it also enforces laws and regulations to guarantee that structures are secure.

The Building and Safety Department works to keep municipal citizens safe by upholding building codes.

The City has adopted the following code:

  • The California Building Code
  • The California Electrical Code
  • The California Plumbing Code
  • The California Mechanical Code
  • The California Residential Code
  • The California Green Building Standards Code


City of Cudahy – Public Works Department:

The Public Works Department works to keep the City’s parks and roadways in good condition. It also ensures that public infrastructure is maintained and manages the City’s strategy for capital enhancements.

Public Works oversees the following divisions:

The Engineering Department examines and certifies project plans, subdivision maps, drawings, technical reports, and calculations for private developments, planning programs, and Agency projects to ensure they adhere to the Subdivision Map Act and consider city regulations. Concerning the development of the City’s Capital Improvement Program’s strategic short and long-term execution, it makes recommendations, plans, develops, creates, organizes, manages, and offers technical assistance.

Street Maintenance provides for the maintenance and repair of:

  • Road shoulders
  • Sidewalks
  • Streets
  • Streetlights and signal lights
  • Street sweeping
  • Tree Trimming

Street Maintenance is responsible for the following:

  • Graffiti removal
  • Street sweeping and striping
  • Striping, curbs, traffic legend painting, and sign installation and repairs
  • Clean bus shelters and empty trashcans
  • Addressing citizen complaints
  • Weed abatement and minor tree trimming

Vehicle Maintenance supports all City departments by performing routine maintenance and repairs on all city-wide operated vehicles and equipment.

Park Maintenance maintains all City parks and City-owned landscaping through staff personnel and contract services.

The Waste Management Department develops, carries out, and manages specialized, all-encompassing programs addressing solid waste management and associated problems. This calls for collaboration between the public and commercial sectors and ongoing program monitoring and assessment.


General Area Summary: 

Cudahy is a city located in southeastern Los Angeles County. Cudahy is, in terms of land, the second-tiniest City in Los Angeles County, after only Hawaiian Gardens. Yet, it has one of the highest population densities of any incorporated city in the country. Cudahy has a population of over 22,200.


Contact Information:

Cudahy City Hall is located at 5220 Santa Ana Street, Cudahy, CA 90201. Their phone number is 323-773-5143.