The city of Hawthorne was incorporated in 1922. It is situated near the LA international airport. The city is spread across 6 square miles with a population of 87,000. Since the year it was incorporated, to date, the city has grown dramatically, both economically and in terms of city development.

Today, you can see a different and enhanced landscape with proper neighborhoods and quality housing which can be attributed to the implementation of their General Plan and zoning regulations. The planning division officials are dedicated to reviewing and ensuring that all developments are constructed in conformity to their city plan.

Whether you’re remodeling your old facility or thinking of constructing a new home here, it’s best to first get your proposal reviewed by a planning division official. The municipality address is 4455 W 126th St #2. Before you visit them, call them on 310-349-2970 to schedule an appointment. The planning division official can provide you guidance on zoning codes and make sure your project is aligned with it.

Ensuring project conformity with the city’s regulation is often difficult; especially if it’s your first development project or even if it’s just your first in Hawthorne. This is where we can help!

At the Eden Group, we have worked and collaborated on many residential development projects with the Hawthorne planning division team. We understand their work process and permit requirements. Leveraging our experience, we can help you streamline your construction project and get started on time.