Hermosa may be a small beach city but it has a lot to offer to its locals. The city has well planned and architecturally diverse communities. Residences on the strand to stunning bungalows to multi-level houses in the hills, living in Hermosa is surely a treat.

Hermosa’s city life is amazing. Residents can enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities including surfboarding, volleyball, boogie boarding, and biking. In addition to this, the city has a variety of restaurants and entertainment options for residents to have fun while enjoying the beach.

If you’re planning to build your new home here it is advisable that you meet the planning division officials to discuss your project needs and get your proposal reviewed. The planning division is located at 1315 Valley Dr.

Before you go there in person, it’s best to schedule an appointment first. You can do that by calling on 1(310) 318-0239. If this is your first development project, then allow us to assist you. Our experienced civil & structural engineers in the City of Hermosa Beach can meet with specific officials of the planning division and communicate your needs effectively.

We can work with the planning division closely and ensure you have the required permits and that your development proposal is in conformance with their zoning/land use regulations. Over the years, we have assisted several developers in Hermosa and helped them enjoy a stress-free project development experience.


Building in the City of Hermosa Beach :

The Zoning Ordinance outlines each property’s specific uses to realize the long-term and comprehensive vision for the City that is set out in the City’s General Plan. The set of laws known as zoning governs what is constructed on the ground and what uses are allowed in structures and on specific sites. Zoning establishes “good neighbor” guidelines that guarantee that new construction and usage will blend in with existing communities. It also dictates the shape and character of development, including the size and height of structures.

This ordinance establishes sixteen classes of zones in order to categorize, regulate, restrict, and segregate the uses of land and buildings, to control and limit the height and bulk of buildings, to regulate the area of yards and other open spaces around buildings, and to regulate the future of the population.

No building may be constructed, renovated, or structurally altered except as permitted by this code, and no structure or land may be utilized for any purpose other than those listed and allowed in the same zone as the building or property.

The R-1 Single-Family Residential Zone is designed to set development guidelines for single-family homes, ensure adequate access to parks, schools, and other community services, prohibit adverse effects from nearby nonresidential uses, protect each neighborhood’s residential character, and promote a high-quality environment for family life and the preservation of residential property values.

The R-2 Two Family Residential Zone allows for the same types of uses as the R-1 zone and connected or detached multi-family dwellings and condominium complexes per the City’s condominium legislation.

The R-3 Multiple-Family Residential Zone includes multiple residences, single-room occupancy facilities (with a maximum of six units), condominiums, and parking lots, in addition to the uses permitted in the R-2 zone.

The MHP mobile home park zone was created to preserve one of the housing options already accessible to Hermosa Beach residents and foster a diversity of housing types to fulfill the neighborhood’s needs.

The R-P Residential Professional Zone permits the same uses as R-3 as well as professional services such as those provided by accountants and attorneys.

The Commercial zones serve the following purposes:

  • Establish sections in accordance with the general plan that is well situated for the complete range of office, retail, and service commercial uses that residents require.
  • Strengthen the economic foundation of the City and safeguard local small enterprises.
  • Create surroundings ideal for different business and harmonious household applications while shielding them from the negative consequences of conflicting uses.
  • Reduce the adverse effects of business growth on nearby residential areas.
  • Make sure that the impact and look of commercial structures and usage is in keeping with the neighborhood’s aesthetic.
  • Make sure that there are enough off-street parking and loading areas.
  • Establish locations for public and semi-public uses that are consistent with or necessary to support commercial growth.

The C-1 Neighborhood Commercial Zone was established to provide locations for a variety of small local businesses that are suitable for and serve the daily needs of close-by residential neighborhoods. At the same time, these zones established land use regulations that prevented significant adverse effects on neighboring residential uses.

The C-2 Downtown Commercial Zone was created to offer opportunities for a specified range of office, retail, and commercial service uses that are suitable for the scale and character of the downtown.

The C-3 General Commercial Zone was created to offer opportunities for the full range of office, retail, and service businesses deemed suitable for the City, appropriate for the Pacific Coast Highway, and appropriate for the commercial corridors along Aviation Boulevard, including businesses not ideal for other zones because they draw a lot of vehicle traffic or have specific adverse effects.

You can find the zoning map in the Knowledge Center.


City of Hermosa Beach – Planning Department:

The Planning Division prepares and maintains the City’s General Plan and Zoning Code, examines projects and plans for zoning compliance, prepares project casework for monthly Planning Commission meetings, and is involved in several other activities. In regard to all land use and development issues in the City, the Planning Division serves as a liaison to the City Council and Planning Commission.

The goal of the Code Enforcement Unit is to improve the quality of life in the City of Hermosa Beach by upholding local and state laws. These regulations are crucial to protecting the safety of the City of Hermosa Beach and its tidy, organized look. Our committed and expertly trained officers are committed to helping the community by engaging in community outreach, advancing health & safety, and carrying out just and impartial enforcement actions.

Construction without permits, illegal signs and banners, property nuisances, short-term vacation rentals, smoking in public, conditional use permits, particularly for late-night bars, business regulations, illegal dumping, and stormwater/urban runoff pollution are the main areas that code enforcement targets. Additionally, police enforce the limits on plastic bags, carryout containers made of polystyrene, and leaf blowers.


City of Hermosa Beach – Building and Safety Department:

The Building and Safety Division analyzes building plans, inspects buildings, and enforces zoning and building rules.

Based on the California Building Codes, the City is currently revising its ‘Green’ Building, Energy, and Vehicle Incentives.

Building near the water demands caution and consideration. Before beginning construction, careful planning and design guarantee that locals, tourists, and other visitors can still access the beach and safe, clean coastal leisure areas. This helps to safeguard marine life.


City of Hermosa Beach – Public Works Department:

The Public Works Department Administration and Engineering Division, which is situated at City Hall, is in charge of contract and work order administration, GIS services, grant management, coordination of special events, and other services in addition to engineering and overseeing the City’s Capital Improvement Program. Additionally, staff assists the Public Works Commission of the City.


General Area Summary: 

Hermosa Beach is a beachfront city in Los Angeles County. It has a population of over 19,300. The City, one of the three Beach Cities, is situated in the South Bay portion of the Greater Los Angeles area. The other two, Redondo Beach to the east and south and Manhattan Beach to the north, encircle Hermosa Beach.

Sunbathing, beach volleyball, surfing, paddle boarding, bars, cycling, and running are all popular activities on the City’s beach.


Contact Information:

The Community Center is located at 1315 Valley Drive, Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254. Their phone number is (310) 318-0239.