Building in the City of Industry :

Zoning specifies allowed land uses and offers comprehensive development rules for a specific region. In order to secure expansion, future development, and general prosperity, the City of Industry employs zoning to carry out the General Plan’s long-term objectives. The City of Industry currently has seven different types of zoning designations:

  • Industrial Zone Code “I”
  • Industrial/Commercial Overlay Zone Code “IC”
  • Commercial Zone Code “C”
  • Adult Business Commercial Overlay Zone Code “AB”
  • Automobile Zone Code “AZ”
  • Institutional Zone Code “INST”
  • Recreational & Open Space Zone Code “ROS”

A zoning map is available for your use in the Knowledge Center.

The City of Industry Municipal Code is a body of rules and regulations that includes city ordinances approved by the council of elected city officials in Industry. The City Council must approve any future additions, modifications, or changes to the Municipal Code. The code is categorized by subject and is often revised to reflect recently passed ordinances. The Planning Department is in charge of enforcing Title 17: Zoning, Title 16: Subdivisions, and Sign Regulations included in the Municipal Code of the City of Industry.

The California State Law-mandated Housing Element is a document that specifies housing goals, policies, and programs for local governments. Because the City of Industry was founded as a commercial hub, the Housing Element is structured to satisfy state legal needs explicitly.

The City’s long-term strategy for growth and development is outlined in the General Plan, a planning document. It is broken down into seven components to help the City accomplish the objectives and guiding principles of the City of Industry.

  • Land Use
  • Circulation 
  • Open Space 
  • Conservation 
  • Safety 
  • Noise 
  • Housing 

The Planning Department collaborates with internal and external stakeholders during the Development Plan review process to determine the prerequisites and conditions of approval for a proposed development project. Before the plan check submission deadline, the Planning Commission hearing date, or the City Council hearing date, problems found during the review are fixed.

Applications for Development Plan (Long Form) review-required projects must be submitted in full. This covers brand-new construction as well as building additions or modifications with a project cost of $75,000 or higher. It is strongly advised to get in touch with a planner before formally filing the proposal for this procedure.

Certain zoning-code-authorized activities and uses are subject to conditional use permits (“CUPs”), but only if it can be determined that they are consistent with nearby uses. These circumstances are taken into account on a case-by-case basis.

The Code Enforcement Department enforces the City of Industry Municipal Code. The department’s objective is to consistently provide the most assistance in achieving compliance while being as business-friendly as feasible.


City of Industry – Planning Department:

The planning department encourages high-quality development, establishes business-friendly procedures and regulations, and implements our General Plan and Zoning Ordinance while promoting and enhancing the well-being of companies, property owners, and tourists to the City of Industry.

The Planning Department should be contacted first if you’re thinking about developing land, adding an existing structure, making interior or exterior modifications, installing equipment, or if you have any general inquiries about the use, zoning, or rules that apply to land.


City of Industry – Building and Safety Department:

The Building and Safety Department offers polite, professional, and ethical plan review, permit issuing, and building inspection services to the property and business owners in the City of Industry. With regard to the administration and enforcement of local, state, and federal building and safety codes, the Department is available to assist you. By regulating and managing the construction, quality of materials, usage, occupancy, placement, and upkeep of all buildings under our authority, they create standards to protect life, limb, health, property, and general welfare. These obligations consist of the following:


City of Industry – Public Works Department:

The Public Works Department runs and maintains the fleet of city vehicles and equipment, as well as the landscaping, roadways, drainage, and traffic lights. Additionally, the Department is in charge of managing the design and construction aspects of the City’s capital improvement program as well as engineering tasks related to traffic operations, transportation engineering, and those.


General Area Summary: 

The City of Industry is a city in eastern Los Angeles County, California’s San Gabriel Valley. Only 272 people live in the City, which is virtually exclusively industrial and home to almost 3,000 firms that employ 67,000 people.


Contact Information:

Industry Community Center is located at 15625 Mayor Dave Way, City of Industry, CA 91744. Their Phone number is (626) 333-2211.