Whether you’re looking for business success or thinking of relocating to a peaceful and scenic city, Inglewood makes a good choice in either case. Situated in a unique position on the shore of the Pacific Rim, Inglewood serves as the gateway to several commercial centers of the US as well as having global significance. It has 4 major freeways that facilitate both local and international trade.

In the last 20 years, there have been some impressive changes in Inglewood’s business sector with office developments worth $104.2 million, retail projects being set up of around $64 million and industrial developments of $109 million; creating thousands of job opportunities for job seekers. It has now earned the reputation for being a business-friendly community with opportunities in abundance.

The city’s scenic neighborhoods and quality housing are its best kept secrets. From family homes to townhomes, the city offers a variety of housing types with several new residential projects underway. If you want build your new commercial or residential development in Inglewood, contact the planning division or you can have one of our professionals meet with specific officials to effectively plan your project and discuss your needs.

The planning department includes a work staff of 7 employees. They provide developers with information and assistance with land use and development. They also review proposals, and check whether they are in line with their zoning regulations. The staff continues to support developers in the quest to building well-planned communities. They are located at the City Hall, 4th floor. Their public counter hours are 7:30 to 5:30 pm, Monday to Thursday.

To enjoy a stress-free experience and ensure your project starts and completes on time, allow the Eden Group to head your project in the City of Inglewood. We can help you obtain all the necessary permits required and manage every aspect of your project development process while you enjoy absolute peace of mind. Our team has worked on several residential and commercial projects in Inglewood with the city’s planning division so we know exactly how they work.


Building in the City of Inglewood :

The Planning and Zoning code outlines several zoning districts, types of land uses, land use laws, development rules, and environmental standards. Implementing the policies of the detailed General Plan and safeguarding and promoting the public’s health, safety, and general welfare are the goals of the planning and zoning code.

The Zoning Map of the City of Inglewood, along with all notations and information thereon, can be found in the Knowledge Center and shows the zone classifications as stated.

The following zone categories govern the usage of land and buildings, as well as their height, mass, location, the quantity of open space, and population density:

  1. R-1, One-family Zone.
  2. R-1Z, One-family/Zero-lot-line Zone.
  3. R-1-1/2, Limited Two-family Zone.
  4. R-2, Limited Multiple-family Zone.
  5. R-2A, Limited Multiple-family Zone.
  6. R-3, Multiple-family Zone.
  7. R-4, Multiple-family Zone.
  8. R-M, Residential and Medical Zone.
  9. P, Automobile Parking Zone.
  10. P-1, Automobile Parking Zone.
  11. C-R, Commercial and Recreation Zone.
  12. HPSP, Hollywood Park Specific Plan Zone.
  13. MU-1, TOD Mixed Use 1 Zone
  14. MU-1A, TOD Mixed-Use 1A Overlay
  15. MU-2. TOD Mixed Use 2 Zone
  16. MU-2A, TOD Mixed-Use 2A
  17. MU-3. TOD Mixed Use 3 Zone
  18. MU-4. TOD Mixed Use 4 Zone
  19. MU-A, TOD Mixed Use Arts Cluster
  20. MU-C. TOD Mixed-Use Corridor Zone
  21. A-C, Airport Campus
  22. C-N. Neighborhood Commercial Zone
  23. H-C. Historic Core Zone
  24. C-1, Limited Commercial Zone.
  25. C-2, General Commercial Zone.
  26. C-2A, Airport Commercial Zone.
  27. C-S, Commercial Service Zone.
  28. C-3, Heavy Commercial Zone.
  29. M-1, Light Manufacturing Zone.
  30. M-1L, Limited Manufacturing Zone.
  31. M-2, Heavy Manufacturing Zone.
  32. S-1, Special Zone (Cemetery).
  33. S-2, Special Zone (Cemetery).
  34. CC, Civic Center Zone.
  35. O-S, Open Space Zone.
  36. T-C, Transportation Corridor Zone.
  37. D, Supplemental Design Review Zone.

Inglewood has adopted the following code:

  1. The California Building Code
  2. The California Plumbing Code
  3. The California Electrical Code
  4. The California Mechanical Code
  5. The California Residential Code

The design guidelines are intended to provide design standards and principles for constructing or upgrading real estate within the City of Inglewood. These rules are meant to help the developer and the property owner by giving them a clear and consistent reference point. The developer’s frame of reference comes in the form of regulations that they may operate under and requirements that they must follow. The Planning Commission and municipal staff shall examine development applications in accordance with these principles.

The property owner or developer will be aware of the potential and restrictions for their specific project from the predesign stage forward using these guidelines and standards as a base.

This document’s guidelines are meant to encourage original ideas for designs or alternatives. Every time it was possible, flexibility for both aesthetic and financial options were implemented. The standards are designed to be flexible in acknowledging that some fundamental concepts might not apply to a particular project.

These guidelines do not replace or supersede the Inglewood Zoning Ordinance, even though they include several rules and regulations. The developer must still consult the zoning legislation for any special rules.


City of Inglewood – Planning Department:

Ten full-time workers make up the planning division of the City of Inglewood. Eight of those staff members are certified community planners, and two work as administrative support staff.

The department offers experience in project analysis, site plan assessment, zoning review, and land use and development. The primary duties of the staff are to explain the development process to the general public, act as a resource for short- and long-term community planning, and examine land use concerns.

The staff assists the City Council, Planning Commission, and City Administration in their daily operations in the City of Inglewood. The team frequently receives requests to inform and help local government agencies and nonprofit groups.


City of Inglewood – Building and Safety Department:

The Building Safety Division is responsible for reviewing, approving, and inspecting all building projects within the City. The Building Safety Division’s mission is to enforce the minimum standards necessary to protect the public’s health, safety, and general welfare. These standards include structural strength, egress points, stability, sanitary conditions, adequate lighting and ventilation, energy-saving green building practices, system effectiveness, and property protection.

Helping the public understand the building construction process and acting as a resource for questions about building codes and design is one of the main objectives of the Building Safety Division.

All applications for granting Building Safety Permits must be made in person at City Hall. Appointments are only made via the City’s website. Three appointment kinds are available for building safety: Over the Counter (OTC), Plan Check Submittal, and Ready to Issue (RTI).

The Knowledge Center contains all necessary information, including which of the three appointments applies to you and the documentation you must bring.


City of Inglewood – Public Works Department:

The City of Inglewood’s Public Works Department is in charge of the following:

Roadway, sidewalk, and alley safety and upkeep.

Safety and maintenance of roadways, sidewalks, and alleys.



Systems for storm drains.

City machinery and vehicles.

Lighting and signs for traffic signals.

The department manages municipal solid waste disposal and recycling services. Additionally, the division offers GIS mapping services.


The following divisions make up the department:

The administration aims to satisfy internal and external clients with prompt, high-quality service.

The Engineering Division plan, design, inspect, and manage contracts for significant facility construction and renovation projects, such as roadway upgrades, park facilities, and city buildings.

The Environmental Services Division manages the City’s municipal solid waste services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Fleet Management aims to provide City employees and the community with the best level of service, efficiency, and dependability of vehicle and equipment maintenance at the most affordable rate possible through the adoption of comprehensive in-house vehicle maintenance programs.

The General Services Administration (GSA) manages and performs facility and infrastructure maintenance and repairs for the City.

The Public Services Division is in charge of street sweeping, residential and commercial refuse collection, streets, alleys, sidewalks, curb and gutter, drive aprons, and parking lots owned by the City. It is also in charge of maintaining and repairing water meters, distribution service and main water lines, fire hydrants, sewers, and storm drains.

Transportation Division staff work to ensure that city transportation improvements and systems are functional and safe.

The City of Inglewood provides water to 86% of the residences and businesses in the City. Golden State Water Company and Cal America Water offer water in the remaining locations.


General Area Summary: 

In the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Inglewood is a city in southwestern Los Angeles County, California. It has a population of over 105,100. Inglewood is home to the Hollywood Park Casino and horse racing track and La Casa de la Centinela Adobe, a cultural landmark in southern California. Although Inglewood isn’t often considered a top tourist destination, it is a center for collegiate activities.


Contact Information:

The city council is located at One Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, CA 90301. Their phone number is 310-412-5111.