La Habra is a small city featuring well planned neighborhoods, excellent school systems, sports facilities, a variety of shopping centers and lush parks, like La Bonita Park. The city has developed gradually with time and has become a great place for families to raise their little ones.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your home or your commercial facility or just the drainage system in the area, make sure you meet with the City’s planning division official. The planning division is responsible for providing information and assistance with planning permit applications, building inspections, and land use.

The planning division department is located at 201 E La Habra Boulevard. However, before you go in person, make sure you schedule an appointment first by calling on 562-383-4000 or you can also fax them on 562-383-4474.

If you wish to hire a professional structural engineer in the City of La Habra who has expertise in grading plans, drainage plans and street improvement plans, then contact the Eden Group.

We have worked on numerous projects in La Habra. We have the experience and expertise you need to plan your project effectively with the city planning division. Our structural engineers can handle every aspect of your development project including permit acquisition.