Building in the City of La Puente :

The General Plan, a long-term policy plan with a 15–20 year projection horizon, it’s usually called the development “blueprint” or guide for the City. This blueprint determines how the City will seem, feel, and be experienced in the present and the future. The City of La Puente General Plan outlines the measures needed to go from the present to the future while also capturing the community’s vision for the future.

The Zoning Code was designed to categorize, designate, control, and restrict the use of land, buildings, and structures in accordance with the La Puente General Plan and to safeguard the public health, safety, comfort, welfare, and general prosperity of the City and its citizens and companies.

The Residential Estate Zone (R-E) was created to designate regions for detached residential homes built at a maximum density of 4.4 units per acre and implements the Low-Density Residential General Plan land use category.

The Low-Density Residential Zone (R-1) implements the Low-Density Residential General Plan land use category and is created to designate regions for detached residential homes developed at a maximum density of 7 units per acre.

The Medium Density Residential Zone (R-2) was created to execute the Medium Density Residential General Plan land use category and set aside areas for both detached and attached residential homes with a maximum density of 14 units per acre.

The Medium-High Density Residential Zone (R-3) implements the Medium High-Density Residential General Plan land use category and is created to designate regions for multifamily residential buildings, such as apartments, condos, and townhouses, within a density range of 14 to 18 units per acre.

The High-Density Residential Zone (R-4) was created to execute the High-Density Residential General Plan land use category and to designate regions for multifamily residential buildings, such as apartments, condos, and townhouses, with a density range of 20 to 30 units per acre.

The Neighborhood Commercial Zone (C-1) was created to carry out the Neighborhood Commercial General Plan land use designation and to set aside areas for low-intensity retail and service commercial uses that cater to a small geographic market. Uses include commercial enterprises that, using proper site design, access and parking arrangements, landscaping, and lighting requirements, have a low influence on nearby uses.

The General Commercial Zone (C-2) is created to carry out the General Commercial General Plan land use designation and to identify locations where companies can locate to serve most of the demands of people and other businesses. The C-2 zone permits a wide range of retail, service, and professional office uses since it is designed to encourage economic growth and commercial activities that benefit the City. The purpose of development standards and design guidelines is to ensure that retail centers and development are well-designed and appealing while also promoting the safe and effective circulation of traffic.

The Commercial-Manufacturing Zone (CM), which implements the Business-Employment General Plan land use category, was created to provide areas in the City for industrial enterprises and limited high-intensity commercial businesses that are not appropriate in conventional retail- and service-oriented commercial zones due to noise, hours of operation, truck traffic, use of hazardous materials, or similar operating characteristics. The use restrictions for this area are meant to promote and maintain manufacturing-related employment while simultaneously minimizing adverse effects and safeguarding neighboring uses.

The “Zoning Map for the City of La Puente, California” map, which may be found in the Knowledge Center, shall be used to identify the borders, names, and locations of the zones created by this Zoning Code.


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City of La Puente – Planning Department:

The Planning Division offers staff assistance to the City Council and Planning Commission in developing and carrying out plans, programs, development standards, and laws that direct development in the City in a way that is compatible with the City’s General Plan. The main objective of the Division is to maintain and improve the quality of life in the City by enforcing various interconnected laws about public health, safety, and welfare, the La Puente Municipal Code regarding zoning and subdivisions, the City’s General Plan, the California Environmental Quality Act, and others. It carries out its present and long-term planning tasks to achieve these objectives.

Reviewing development initiatives, from new commercial and industrial ventures to single-family home extensions, is a current planning task. Zoning laws compliance, the project’s potential impact on the environment, and compatibility with nearby usage are all considered while evaluating a project.

The Planning Commission gives recommendations to the City Council on issues that necessitate zoning or general plan amendments. It also supports good aesthetic standards and orderly neighborhood development, helping safeguard the community’s health, safety, and overall welfare, preserving property values, and promoting business growth and development.


To assist in creating and maintaining a well-planned community with suitable land uses, the Planning Commission hears appeals of zoning decisions. It evaluates development and land use permit applications. The Planning Commission is also tasked with assessing applications for new freestanding signs or significant alterations to existing signs, as well as development plans for new structures or those undergoing considerable remodeling.


City of La Puente – Building and Safety Department:

The Building and Safety Division is responsible for enforcing City standards governing the construction, alteration, and maintenance of buildings and structures. Building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, energy, and accessibility permits are among the services offered. Plan checking, permit issuing, inspection, administration of abatement programs for substandard and hazardous structures, and giving state and municipal code administration interpretations are further services offered by the Building and Safety Division.

The Division offers high-quality building rules through formal plan examinations, in-person field inspections, and pre-plan examinations with building designers to assure safety. The Division provides accurate and timely information to contractors, architects, engineers, and property owners regarding building, energy, and safety requirements. The Division ensures adherence to uniform safety and energy standards in building construction, addition, or repair through plans examination and field inspections. Additionally, the Division oversees all City agencies’ construction plan review processes, enforces building rules, and issues permits when questionable activity is spotted in the field.


City of La Puente – Public Works Department:

The Public Works – Engineering Division manages the planning, building, and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure for the benefit of all citizens. Issuing permits, inspecting work that affects the public right-of-way, enforcing different regulatory standards, and resolving any problems with roadways, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, traffic signals, sewers, parks, and other City infrastructure are some additional responsibilities.

The City of La Puente thinks preserving a beautiful city includes conserving the waterways. Maintaining stunning, healthy, and secure rivers and beaches is crucial to maintain clean watersheds. La Puente is located in the Upper San Gabriel River watershed. Rainfall and runoff from watersheds are discharged untreated into nearby storm drains, streams, and the Pacific Ocean.

The Public Works – Maintenance Division provides various services to the City’s residents and visitors. The Division manages and maintains all city-owned buildings, parks, streets, sidewalks, and curb infrastructure. It also offers sporadic sewage and storm drain repair.


General Area Summary: 

La Puente is a city in Los Angeles County, California. It has a population of approximately 37,300. La Puente is an affordable city to live there are so many things that you can do in this beautiful place.


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