The Long Beach Mayor and City Council are dedicated to reviving and building the city. They believe that good planning is key to creating communities that offer quality living and help neighborhoods thrive. Good planning also helps find the perfect balance between new developments, community services and protection of the city’s environment.

The city’s community department including the planning division ensures that all residential and commercial projects whether big or small, are developed in accordance to zoning and land use regulations. The planning department consists of seven members that are responsible for providing advice and insights to the Mayor and City Council on developments across the city. Besides being an advisory body, it is also serves as the public hearing authority.

It reviews requests of the developers and homeowners, administrative use permits, site plans and subdivision requests. Therefore, if you’re planning to remodel, expand or start a new development project in Long Beach, then it is important that you contact the planning division.

Meet their official to discuss your proposal. They will review your project and provide you with recommendations and information on the permits you need. Since such projects involve a lot of technicalities, it’s best to work with a team of civil & structural engineers who have a good understanding of the city’s General plan and land use. This is where we come into the picture.

The Eden Group has managed and supervised several development projects in the City of Long Beach. We understand their permit needs and zoning regulations. Our team can supervise your project and work with the planning division to plan and execute your development smoothly and on time. We can also help you get the permits you need to start your construction project.