With a total area of 4.8 sq miles, Lynwood is a small city situated near Compton and South Gate. Since its inception, the city has developed significantly, providing a wide range of services and amenities to residents. The city officials are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, clean, self-reliant and attractive community that provides social, recreational, cultural, educational and also economic opportunities to both residents and business owners.

Many developers are now actively investing in Lynwood. If you are also one of them and planning to start your construction work soon then get in touch with the planning division. Call on 310-603-0220 ext 247 to schedule your appointment with the planning associate or allow us to discuss your project with their team. Their office is located at 1330 Bullis Road.

The planning division department is responsible for providing information to developers on land use and also processes administrative applications like permits, minor development projects, site plan reviews, business-licenses, zoning approvals and development proposals.

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Building in city of Lynwood:

The Lynwood General Plan attempts to make future plans for people who reside, work, invest, and enjoy recreation in Lynwood and the adjacent areas. This project was started in order to plan for a diverse city that provides housing options for people of all ages and income levels, encourages the growth of the city’s employment base to offer a range of employment opportunities, supports a broad commercial base that is diversified in type and location, and provides residents of Lynwood with a range of recreational opportunities that are close to home.

The vision statements that relate to the planning area are as follows:

  • The City of Lynwood wants to preserve and improve the neighborhood’s reputation as a safe, convenient, and reasonably priced area to raise a family. The area will provide widespread access to excellent recreational, educational, and job possibilities.
  • The City has a lot of potentials to draw consumers. In addition to the commercial activity hubs present in the City, there are various options based on the region’s history and climate. As the City improves its image, shopping will become more accessible.
  • The City will advertise job openings at all skill and knowledge levels. Lynwood will appeal to industrial development, medical facilities, real estate, and other organizations as great places to relocate their staff.
  • The City will offer various housing options for people of all economic levels. All employees will be able to select accommodation that satisfies their needs, from domestic workers to corporate bosses.

The first step in the building process is to consult the zoning regulations. Different zoning districts and land use classifications, rules, development standards, and environmental performance requirements are described in the Zoning Code. The zoning code’s goals include implementing the comprehensive General Plan’s policies and preserving and advancing the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

The village is split into districts in order to categorize, control, and restrict the location of trades, industries, and structures for certain uses, as well as to regulate and limit the use of lot areas and buildings as well as the construction, repair, and alteration of buildings.

The village is divided into the following districts:

  1. R-1A districts, one-family dwelling districts.
  2. R-2A districts, two-family dwelling districts.
  3. R-3A districts, multifamily districts.
  4. B-1 neighborhood business-service districts.
  5. B-2 neighborhood commercial business districts.
  6. B-3 regional commercial business districts.
  7. LM light manufacturing districts.

The “District Zoning Map” may be found in the Knowledge Center and displays the boundaries of these districts. In the offices of the building inspector and the village clerk, a certified copy of the zoning map is kept on file, displayed, and maintained.


City of Lynwood – Planning Department:

The Lynwood General Plan and the City’s zoning legislation are implemented by the Planning Division, which is also in charge of ongoing and long-range planning operations. General Plan Amendments, Zone Changes, Conditional Use Permits, Specific Plans, Variances, Zoning Ordinance Amendments, and Subdivisions are just a few of the projects for which the Planning Division processes, prepares, and delivers evaluations and recommendations for. Site plan reviews, sign permissions, fence permits, small development projects, business license zoning approval, home occupation permits, child care facilities, color reviews, and other development proposals are all administrative applications processed by the planning division. Additionally, staff compiles reports and makes recommendations to the City Council or Lynwood Planning Commission.


City of Lynwood – Building and Safety Department:

The Building & Safety Division is in charge of assessing construction plans to verify that all work on buildings and structures within the City complies with all applicable laws and ordinances, except for work being done in the right-of-way. To ensure that the relevant regulations, laws, and rules are followed, the Division also provides construction permits and conducts site inspections.


City of Lynwood – Public Works Department:

The Department of Public Works is responsible for repairs and maintenance of the City’s water system, sewer system, tree maintenance, streets, and more. Additionally, it oversees the street cleaning, oil recycling, garbage collection, and trolley transportation operations.

The Department is also in charge of all capital improvement projects for Public Works, including their planning, designing, and construction. The NPDES, ADA, and other laws are also reviewed and considered by engineering personnel before granting permits for private development projects.


General Area Summary: 

Lynwood is a city in Los Angeles County, California. Lynwood is located near South Gate and Compton in the central portion of the Los Angeles Basin. It has a population of 65,500. A pleasant, calm, and comfortable area to reside in is Lynwood. Many volunteers work with the kids and excellent instructors in the schools.