With a total area of 4.8 sq miles, Lynwood is a small city situated near Compton and South Gate. Since its inception, the city has developed significantly, providing a wide range of services and amenities to residents. The city officials are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, clean, self-reliant and attractive community that provides social, recreational, cultural, educational and also economic opportunities to both residents and business owners.

Many developers are now actively investing in Lynwood. If you are also one of them and planning to start your construction work soon then get in touch with the planning division. Call on 310-603-0220 ext 247 to schedule your appointment with the planning associate or allow us to discuss your project with their team. Their office is located at 1330 Bullis Road.

The planning division department is responsible for providing information to developers on land use and also processes administrative applications like permits, minor development projects, site plan reviews, business-licenses, zoning approvals and development proposals.

Although planning division associates will provide you with quality guidance but if you’re looking for someone that can manage every step of your project and ensure it is completed on time, then consider calling us on 888.895.3336.

Serving for more than 33 years, we have the experience working with the Lynwood planning division team. We know their requirements and understand their work process. We can help you streamline your project process in compliance to their zoning codes and land use regulations to ensure your development project starts and finishes within your desired time frame.