The city of Manhattan Beach is widespread across 3.88 square miles and has a population of 35,135. It is located on the southern end of Santa Monica Bay, 19 miles south west of LA. The city has a strong economy with assessed valuation of $11.7 billion.

The city council works hard to provide quality living to residents of Manhattan Beach. This is evident through their quality school systems, efficient community services, recreational facilities and speedy developments.

The planning division of the city makes sure all new residential and commercial developments are aligned with the General Plan and land use regulations. If you’re constructing your next project here, make sure to get your proposal reviewed and approved by the planning division.

Schedule an appointment with their official by calling on 310-802-5000 or visit their office located at 1400 Highland Avenue. If you want an experienced team of structural engineers to head and supervise your development project, then contact the Eden Group.

We have worked on numerous residential and commercial projects in and around the city of Manhattan Beach. Our team can plan, manage and work on your project effectively, along with the city’s planning division.