Founded in 1924, the city of Maywood still continues to offer an ideal residential community for those who work in the surrounding communities. With time, the city has evolved with sweeping changes in its landscape. Maywood now boasts a number of multi-purpose facilities, business offices and shopping centers. The City Council continues to encourage new developers to invest in and build projects in Maywood.

If you’re also thinking of starting your residential development project in Maywood, then now is probably a good time. However, first make sure to present your proposal to the planning division. You can schedule an appointment with the planning division official by calling on (323) 562-5700 or you can have our skilled structural engineer in the City of Maywood meet the official and discuss your project with specific officials of the planning division.

The planning division is located at 4319 E. Slauson Avenue. Their public counter hours are between 8am to 5 pm, Monday to Thursday. The planning department official can provide you information about the building permits needed and review your proposal to see if it’s in accordance to their General Plan and environment sustainability regulations.

Ensuring you have all the permits and approvals can be difficult and time consuming, especially if it’s your first development project in Maywood. Your inability to acquire certain permits can stop you from starting your construction work on time. And delays can be costly. To streamline the work process and ensure every phase of your project goes seamlessly, allow the Eden Group to supervise it.

We have the experience, skills and knowledge needed to manage and monitor construction projects efficiently. We have worked together with the Maywood planning division on several residential and construction projects including grading plans, drainage plans, structural plans and street improvement plans. We can help you obtain the permits required to start your construction work on time. We understand their work procedures and zoning regulations. This can serve as a big advantage to help you get project approvals and transform your dream project into a reality.