Founded in 1924, the city of Maywood still continues to offer an ideal residential community for those who work in the surrounding communities. With time, the city has evolved with sweeping changes in its landscape. Maywood now boasts a number of multi-purpose facilities, business offices and shopping centers. The City Council continues to encourage new developers to invest in and build projects in Maywood.

If you’re also thinking of starting your residential development project in Maywood, then now is probably a good time. However, first make sure to present your proposal to the planning division. You can schedule an appointment with the planning division official by calling on (323) 562-5700 or you can have our skilled structural engineer in the City of Maywood meet the official and discuss your project with specific officials of the planning division.

The planning division is located at 4319 E. Slauson Avenue. Their public counter hours are between 8am to 5 pm, Monday to Thursday. The planning department official can provide you information about the building permits needed and review your proposal to see if it’s in accordance to their General Plan and environment sustainability regulations.

Ensuring you have all the permits and approvals can be difficult and time consuming, especially if it’s your first development project in Maywood. Your inability to acquire certain permits can stop you from starting your construction work on time. And delays can be costly. To streamline the work process and ensure every phase of your project goes seamlessly, allow the Eden Group to supervise it.

We have the experience, skills and knowledge needed to manage and monitor construction projects efficiently. We have worked together with the Maywood planning division on several residential and construction projects including grading plans, drainage plans, structural plans and street improvement plans. We can help you obtain the permits required to start your construction work on time. We understand their work procedures and zoning regulations. This can serve as a big advantage to help you get project approvals and transform your dream project into a reality.


Building in city of Maywood:

The first step in starting a project is understanding and consulting the zoning ordinance. 

The zoning ordinance aims to identify the highest and best locations and uses of buildings, structures, and land while also classifying, regulating, restricting, and segregating those uses.

The code also strives to control and restrict population density, limit building height and size, regulate and decide the size of yards and other open spaces, and promote health, safety, welfare, and general prosperity to maintain a healthy, functional, and appealing community.

The following zones are established in order to carry out the purpose of this Ordinance:

The Residential (R-3) district is established to provide high-quality, appealing, and comfortable neighborhoods in Maywood.

The Residential Specialty (RS) district was created as an overlay district to provide options for constructing greater-density senior housing near essential services and amenities. The City is aware of the unique housing requirements of the senior citizen population in terms of housing affordability, availability of medical care, and closeness to commercial uses for retail and service.

The C and CM districts are designed to permit a variety of commercial uses in locations that are suitable for them in accordance with the General Plan Land Use Policy Map. The C district, which permits the sale of goods and services, may adopt the Town Center Commercial designation. The products or services offered might be local, communal, or regional in scope. The CM district may adopt the General Commercial classification into effect. However, the CM zone does allow small-scale industrial uses with a commercial character. The uses authorized in CM tend to be for local purposes.

The Manufacturing (M) district was created to provide locations within the City of Maywood appropriate for manufacturing and industrial activities. Some places may be suitable for general commercial purposes that would not be appropriate in other regions of the City owing to their size or intensity due to their location or size, size, or both.

The Open Space (OS) district was created to give city residents access to leisure and open space possibilities, to safeguard and conserve resources, and to stop incompatible development in places that should be protected for historical, environmental, or public health and safety reasons. This designation is generally only applied to public lands.

The Public Facilities district was created to make it easier to build public and quasi-public uses in the right parts of the city and to ensure that any future development of such sites is done in a way that is compatible with the other land uses in the region.

The zoning map is found in the Knowledge Center.


City of Maywood- Building and Planning Department:

The City of Maywood Department of Building and Planning is in charge of zoning regulations, general planning initiatives, and the execution of the Maywood General Plan. The department is in charge of approving designs, issuing building permits, inspecting construction sites, enforcing zoning laws, and making sure Maywood residents have access to safe and adequate homes. Additionally, the agency is in charge of executing business inspections and monitoring, granting certificates of occupancy, and verifying compliance with state laws.

The Building Division:

The Building Division is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the adopted International Building Code, California Building Code, and applicable laws and ordinances for the design, construction, alteration, demolition, repair, and use of any building or structure within the City except for any work done in a public right-of-way.

Building permits are needed to ensure the security of the work being done on any site. The criteria of the State Construction Codes must be met via permits. Failure to obtain permits per the City’s Municipal Code will result in fines and penalties to Both the owner and contractor performing the work.

The Planning Division:

The Planning Division is in charge of implementing the Maywood General Plan, the City’s Zoning Ordinance, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and present and future planning efforts.

Projects are evaluated for zoning law compliance, environmental impact, and compatibility with nearby usage. The Maywood Zoning Ordinance contains some of these rules. The Maywood Planning Commission or City Council may request reports and recommendations from the planning staff.

The Planning Division drafts and offers assessments and suggestions for projects, such as:

  • Conditional use permits
  • General plan amendments
  • Subdivisions
  • Variances
  • Zone changes
  • Zoning ordinance amendments

Code Enforcement:

A healthy and safe environment is maintained through the Code Enforcement program, which also works to combat substandard housing, clean up blighted areas, encourage property upkeep, and enforce compliance with local zoning and construction regulations, as well as state and county health laws.


City of Maywood – Engineering and Public Works Department:

The Engineering Department is in charge of planning, supervising, and managing citywide public works upgrades. Through Interwest Consulting Group, the department takes care of the majority of engineering requirements, including design, field research, and construction inspection.


General Area Summary: 

Maywood is a small Gateway city in Los Angeles County. Maywood is the third-smallest incorporated city in Los Angeles County, with a total area of 1.18 square miles. It has a population of approximately 24,500. Bell on the south, Vernon on the north and west, Huntington Park on the southwest, and Commerce on the east are its neighbors. It is the California city with the highest population density.