If you’re looking for a place to invest and construct your new residential development, then you might want to consider the City of Monrovia. It is a rapidly growing city that offers a world of amenities from exotic recreational facilities to top-rated health care and education systems. The city is located at the base of the scenic San Gabriel Mountains, only 20 miles north east of LA.

The City Council is committed to ensuring that Monrovia maintains its attractive neighborhoods and communities by encouraging investors, architects and developers to build new residential and commercial developments in and around Monrovia in compliance to their newly implemented City General Plan and zoning regulations.

For developers, Monrovia presents tons of opportunities. To enjoy all that Monrovia has to offer, first, it is advisable to meet the city’s planning division. The planning division is located on the 1st floor of City Hall. Their planning counter hours are between 7am to 6pm.

To schedule an appointment with their city planner, call on 626-932-5565 or fax on 626-932-5569. Or you can have one of our structural engineers represent your project and discuss your planning needs and project goals with specific officials of the planning division.

The planning division of Monrovia plays a vital role in development of the city. It is responsible for current planning, long term planning, historic preservation, and much more. The team of the planning division assists property owners, architects, investors, realtors in not only understanding but also applying the city’s subdivision and zoning ordinances.

To ensure your project work starts and completes on time it is important that your project proposal is aligned with their zoning and land use regulations and you have all the necessary permits. All this can be stressful if it’s your first project in Monrovia. This is where we can help.

The Eden Group’s team of structural engineers has worked on a variety of residential, commercial and industrial structural plans and projects in Monrovia. We can help you get approvals and permits in no time. Allow us to lead your project and help you manage your project successfully.


Building in the City of Monrovia:

A general plan must be adopted by each City and county in California in order to direct the community’s future growth. The General Plan is a long-term planning document that generally spans around 20 years. The General Plan performs similar roles to the Constitution in directing actions to further the community’s stated objectives. The General Plan’s principles must be adhered to by the City in all decisions, legislation, and agreements. The Monrovia General Plan must be kept up to date by the Planning Division.

The first step in starting a project is fully understanding and consulting the zoning code.

Zoning primarily divides potentially conflicting uses, such as residential and heavy industrial purposes. It also regulates and limits population density. Cities use zoning regulations to categorize and reduce possible conflicts between uses. The City is divided into zones of the number, form, and size that may be regarded as most adapted to carry out these policies and allow for their enforcement.

An essential objective for the community is to maintain the unique characteristics of the communities in Monrovia. The Neighborhood Compatibility Design Review aims to establish compatibility by integrating new construction into the context and character of existing neighborhoods. The strategies used to address compatibility are meant to strike a compromise between the property owner’s desire to develop their land and the nearby inhabitants’ desire to preserve the neighborhood’s unique identity.

 In order to carry out the goals of the zoning code, the City is divided into the following residential zones designated as follows:

  • RF – Residential Foothill 
  • RE – Residential Estate
  • RL – Residential Low Density 
  • RM4000 – Residential Medium Density
  • RM3500/PUD – Residential Medium Density/Planned Unit Development
  • RM3500 – Residential Medium Density
  • RM3000/PUD – Residential Medium Density/Planned Unit Development 
  • RM3000 – Residential Medium Density 
  • RM2500 – Residential Medium Density
  • RM/RH – Residential Medium/Residential High 
  • RH – Residential High Density

The goal of the Historic Commercial-Downtown (HCD) Zone is to preserve and advance the historical significance of the City’s downtown retail commercial sector.

The commercial and industrial districts were established as follows:

  • NC – Neighborhood Commercial
  • HCD – Historic Commercial-Downtown
  • CRS – Commercial-Regional/Subregional 
  • RCC – Retail Corridor Commercial 
  • RCM – Retail Corridor Mixed Use 
  • O/RD/LM – Office/Research and Development/Light Manufacturing 
  • BE – Business Enterprise 
  • M – Manufacturing

The zoning map is found in the Knowledge Center.


City of Monrovia – Planning Department:

The Planning Division significantly develops the City’s goals and objectives for the physical development of Monrovia. Current planning, long-range planning, historic preservation, and art in public places are the four categories under which planning duties are divided.

The Planners assist residents, property owners, realtors, and architects in understanding and applying the City’s zoning and subdivision ordinances. The City Council, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Art in Public Places Committee, and Development Review Committee are all given technical support by Planning (DRC).

The Planning Commission is made up of seven Monrovia residents selected by the City Council for a three-year term. A Commissioner may serve on only one advisory board at a time, and an elected official of the City may not serve on an advisory body during the same elected term.

The Commission has the power to grant conditional use permits, variances, parcel maps, and permits for hillside development. The Commission supervises new development in the City to verify that it complies with the City’s General Plan and Zoning Ordinance. They serve as an advisory body to the City Council, reviewing and recommending changes to the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, and applications for tract maps.


City of Monrovia – Building and Safety Department:

The Building Division aims to protect life or limb, health, property, and the general welfare, by regulating and controlling the design, construction, quality of materials, use and occupancy, placement, and maintenance of all buildings and structures within the City.

The goal of the Monrovia Building and Safety Division is to assist you in designing houses and structures that are secure, wholesome, and cozy. The department is dedicated to establishing cooperative partnerships with an emphasis on resolving issues via consistently enhancing superior customer service. The department’s mission is to streamline the permit application process and make rules simpler for homeowners, architects, and builders to utilize and comprehend. To simplify the building process, the department works closely with the Planning, Fire Public Services, and Code Enforcement departments.


City of Monrovia – Public Works Department:

Public Works is in charge of running the City’s water and sewage systems, keeping the City’s roadways, walkways, and transit alternatives safe, maintaining the eight parks and other green spaces, offering a range of environmental services, and maintaining all public buildings such City Hall, the Library, and the Community Center. 

Public Works’ goal is to maintain the City’s infrastructure continuously, 365 days a year, on a balanced budget, and with the help of highly qualified staff.

Monrovians’ fundamental requirements are met by the City’s infrastructure, which includes roadways for travel, traffic signals to move cars and pedestrians, water for consumption, trees, and landscaping for beauty and aesthetics, city buildings for public use, street lighting for visibility and safety, storm drains for water run-off, garbage and waste disposal, and parks for morale and welfare enjoyment.

Three divisions make up the department: Operations, Field Services, and Utilities. To provide a world-class physical environment for the benefit of the City, the department is in charge of all public infrastructure design, building, and maintenance.


General Area Summary: 

Monrovia is a city in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, California. It has a population of over 39,100. Monrovia has a pleasant mix of urban and suburban life with plenty of nature and nearby activities. Monrovia also has a strong sense of community, as everyone feels connected and united.