Located in the Southwest of San Bernardino County, the City of Montclair was incorporated in the year 1956 as the city of Monte Vista. The name was later changed to Montclair in 1958 because of a name conflict with a community in Northern California. The population of Montclair, as per the 2010 census, was 36,664.

If you are interested in working or living in the city of Montclair and need to build a home or are just looking to invest in one of the residential and commercial projects, you need to get approval from Montclair Community Development Department. They will not only approve your plan but will also guide you further on the things to be careful about. Call them at (909) 625-9477, between Monday to Thursday during regular business hours to book an appointment, or visit the office located at 5111 Benito St, Montclair, CA 91763.

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