Starting your new development project in the city of Montebello? Want to make sure your project is completed successfully in the pre-determined time frame? If yes, then make sure to show and discuss your project proposal with the city’s planning and community development department located at City Hall (west wing), 1600 W Beverly Boulevard. Schedule an appointment by calling on 323-887-1475 or have our experienced structural engineer in the city of Montebello discuss your project with their official on your behalf.

The planning and community development department is basically responsible for providing quality living to residents of Montebello by ensuring orderly and safe community development. The planning division staff provides answers, information and assistance to developers and architects that they need to ensure their development plans meet with the city’s General Plan regulations, zoning code ordinance and building safety codes.

Getting proposals approved and permits for construction work can be a hassle if it’s your first project, here in Montebello. Since construction projects are time sensitive, delays can results in big losses. To ensure your project runs smoothly and is completed on time, allow the Eden Group to take the lead.

We have a team of experienced and highly-skilled structural engineers who have worked on several residential and commercial projects in Montebello, including works like drainage plans, structural plans and hydrology plans.

At The Eden Group, we work closely with our clients and the planning division team to achieve our client’s project goals in a prompt and cost-efficient manner. We know the city planning division requirements, which helps us streamline your project without any delay. We focus on working collaboratively with the city’s planning division team. This approach allows us to expedite the construction process and complete the client’s project successfully.

If you wish to make your development process stress-free, then you know who to partner with!