The City of Norco is a horse community with a population of 27,063 as per the 2010 census. The name of the city is an abbreviation of North Corona, which is derived from the North Corona Land Company.

For any new residential or commercial project or remodel, it is mandatory to get an approval from the Norco Community Development Department first. They can be reached at their official number, (951) 735-3900, or at their office on 2870 Clark Avenue Norco, CA, 92860 from Mondays through Thursdays (10a.m.—4p.m.). The only issue here is that if the structural plans and concomitant documentation does not align with the city’s regulations in any way, or if there are ambiguities in the paperwork, it may be rejected. The planning department needs to ensure that only the most competent and law-abiding citizens receive permits, and unless you can unequivocally prove it with your paperwork, your project may be rejected.

The Eden Group can help you here. Our civil and structural engineers in Norco have been working with the city’s Planning Department for several years. This experience has provided us with an insider’s insight into what gets approved and what does not. And we can guide you to ensure that you do not make the same mistakes as others before you did. We can develop drainage plans, grading plans, street improvement plans and hydrology plans and present your case to the officials. If you’re interested in having your project see the light of approval, reach out to our experts and discuss your project needs.