From the land of ranches and farms to becoming the commerce and manufacturing hub, the City of San Fernando has progressed and developed significantly. San Fernando is an ideal place to work and live, as it is a city that offers metropolitan conveniences and responsive city services. Did you know that San Fernando has a lower business tax as compared to Los Angeles and zero utility tax?

San Fernando’s remarkable facilities and tax breaks continues to attract families, business owners and developers. If you have any questions or need more information regarding your commercial development project, contact the city’s planning division directly or have our civil & structural engineer discuss your project with their officials. You can schedule your appointment with their staff member by calling on 818-898-1227 or email on MDesantiago@ci.san-fernando.ca.us. The municipality address is City Hall, 117 Macneil Street.

A construction project involves a lot of technicalities which require experience, knowledge and understanding. Besides this, since development projects need constant supervision and monitoring, you may have to compromise on other business activities.

This is where you might want to partner with The Eden Group. The unique combination of experience, expertise and industry knowledge enables us to help developers acquire permits and ensure their development work is carried out smoothly without any delays or interruptions, while you get ample of time to focus on your core business.

We manage and monitor your project every step of the way. Our team of civil & structural engineers work with the city’s planning division to ensure your project is in conformity with the city’s General Plan and zoning regulations.