Nestled 11 miles east of the Los Angeles, the City of San Gabriel is home to a population of nearly 42,000. An old city that has developed drastically with several new residential and commercial projects. The planning department of the city works actively to provide quality living to the locals by creating well-planned and safe communities.

The planning department helps developers build new buildings and properties in conformity with the community vision, zoning regulations and resource conservation initiatives. If you want to ask any questions or discuss your new project goals with the planning department officials, call on 626-308-2800 or visit them at their office located on 425 S Mission Drive.

If it is your first development project in the City of San Gabriel and you would like to partner with a qualified and an experienced engineering team who can supervise your project and coordinate with the planning division staff, then consider The Eden Group.

We have worked closely with the city’s planning division team on a variety of projects including residential, industrial and commercial projects, in and around the City of San Gabriel. We understand their work methodologies and permit requirements.

Our team of engineers can help you obtain permits and ensure your project proposal is following the city’s General Plan. We can monitor, manage, and supervise your project from beginning till completion.