The success of any development project, whether it is residential remodeling or new commercial facility construction, lies in how effectively and timely the development work is executed and completed. Delays due to inability to acquire construction project approvals or necessary permits can result in losses which no project developer wants.

Since construction and engineering projects are time-sensitive, streamlining work processes is crucial. Besides this, it is also important to ensure that your project proposal is in conformity with the city ordinance and land use regulations.

For this, it is best to discuss your project proposal and get it reviewed by the city’s planning division. If you are starting your new development project in the City of Santa Fe Springs, then schedule an appointment with the city’s planning development official by calling 1 562-868-0511 or visit their office located on 11710 Telegraph Road. Or you can also have one of our professional structural engineers discuss and plan your project effectively with specific officials from the planning division.

The planning and development department of Santa Fe Springs assists developers, landowners and citizens with their development needs and structural plans. However, we, at The Eden Group, ensure you enjoy a stress-free experience all the way. We manage and supervise your project from beginning to completion by working closely with the planning division of the city. We help you obtain permits, approvals and everything in between, ensuring your development project starts on time and completes in your pre-determined time frame without any compromises.