The City of Whittier provides its locals with a dynamic and safe residential community with well-maintained infrastructure and continuous growth. The City Council continues to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to community development by balancing economic, recreational, cultural and social opportunities.

The city of Whittier encourages developers to invest and build new developments. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your new development project in the City of Whittier, feel free to contact the Planning Division Department by calling on 562-567-9320 click on the link provided on the right to learn more information about the planning division.

The Planning Division of the city is responsible for making sure that the new developments are in compliance with their land use and zoning codes. If it is your first development project in the City of Whittier, you might have some difficulty in getting your plan approved, typically because their General Plan and zoning code is different from other cities. A good understanding of their General Plan and regulations is imperative for quick approvals and permit issuance.

The Eden Group has years of experience working in the City of Whittier. This is how we understand their General Plan better than other firms and can help you devise your structural plan in conformity with their zoning code to streamline your construction process. We can work in collaboration with the Planning Division to ensure your project is a definite success.