Building in the City of Yorba Linda:

The building process in Yorba Linda involves a series of steps that must be followed to ensure that the proposed project meets the city’s regulations and standards. 

The steps involved in the planning process for building in Yorba Linda include the following:

  1. Pre-application Conference: During this step, you will meet with city staff to discuss the proposed project and get an understanding of the necessary permits, fees, and requirements. This is an opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance on planning.
  2. Submitting an Application: Once you clearly understand the requirements, you can submit a formal application to the city. This application should include all the necessary fees and supporting documents, such as site plans, elevations, and building plans.
  3. Environmental Review: This step is critical to ensure that the proposed project will not harm the environment or the surrounding area. The city will review the project plans and assess its potential impact on air quality, water resources, and other environmental factors.
  4. Public Hearing: If the project requires a conditional use permit or a zoning change, the city will hold a public hearing to allow residents and interested parties to provide comments and express their opinions. 
  5. Plan Review and Approval: After the application is submitted, the city’s planning staff will review the project plans and supporting documents to ensure they meet the city’s regulations and standards. If any revisions are required, the applicant must make the necessary changes and resubmit the plans.
  6. Building Permit Issuance: Once the project is approved, the city will issue a building permit, which allows construction to begin. This permit must be kept on the construction site at all times and must be available for inspection by city staff.
  7. Construction: The project’s construction must follow the approved plans and meet all the necessary building codes and regulations. Inspections will be conducted throughout the construction process to ensure compliance.
  8. Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy: Once construction is complete, a final inspection will be conducted, and a certificate of occupancy will be issued if the project meets all the requirements and regulations. This certificate signifies that the building is safe for occupancy and ready for use.

It is important to note that the specific requirements and steps involved in the planning process for building in Yorba Linda may vary depending on the type and size of the project.


City of Yorba Linda – Planning Department:

The Planning Division in Yorba Linda is a critical department responsible for overseeing and guiding the city’s growth and development. The Division works closely with the City Council and Planning Commission to establish and implement land use policies and plans that help ensure that the community is well-equipped to handle growth in a safe and orderly manner. These policies and plans aim to ensure that the city has adequate infrastructure, such as roads, water, and sewer systems, to serve the needs of its residents now and into the future.

One of the key documents that the Planning Division works with is the City’s General Plan, which outlines the city’s land use policy. The General Plan provides a framework for all land use decisions and serves as a blueprint for the city’s growth and development. The Planning Division also works with specific plans and the Zoning Code, which provide more detailed guidance on how the land can be used and developed within the city.

All land use-related applications and requests must be processed through the Planning Division. This includes applications for building permits, zoning changes, and other development-related approvals. The Division is responsible for reviewing these applications and making recommendations to the City Council and Planning Commission to ensure that all projects comply with the city’s policies and regulations.


City of Yorba Linda – Building and Safety Department:

The Building Division of the Community Development Department in Yorba Linda is responsible for ensuring the safety, efficiency, sustainability, and affordability of the city’s buildings and structures. This is achieved through three interrelated activities: plan review, construction inspection, and permit record administration.

Plan review involves the evaluation of projects to make sure they meet federal, state, county, and local regulations and standards related to health and safety, such as compliance with seismic activity, environmental exposure, fire hazards, life safety considerations, energy efficiency, accessibility, structural design, and resiliency.

Construction inspection provides an opportunity for the Building Division’s certified inspection team to examine projects during all stages of construction to ensure they comply with codes and standards. Any deviations from approved plans must be corrected before the inspector allows the project to proceed. The inspection process continues until the final inspection is completed and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Permit record administration is responsible for maintaining detailed records of all approved construction projects in the city. This information includes basic details of all buildings constructed, altered, remodeled, or demolished under a validly issued permit. These records help the Building Division keep an accurate history of all construction activities in the community.


City of Yorba Linda – Public Works Department:

The Public Works Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Division in Yorba Linda is accountable for the upkeep and repair of public infrastructure facilities and features. This includes the maintenance of debris basins, removal of graffiti on city property, pothole repair, road striping, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, signage, storm drains, street sweeping, street lights, streets, traffic signals, and traffic control devices.

Additionally, the Division is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of landscapes in areas not part of the City’s Landscape Maintenance Assessment Districts (LMAD) west of Fairmont Boulevard. This includes street tree trimming and maintenance of multi-use trails. The Public Works O&M Division aims to ensure that the public infrastructure and landscapes in Yorba Linda are well-maintained and in good condition, providing a safe and pleasant environment for the community.


General Area Summary: 

Yorba Linda is located in Orange County, California. Yorba Linda has a population of about 78,000 people and covers an area of about 27 square miles.

The city has a suburban feel and is known for its upscale housing developments, excellent schools, and recreational opportunities. Yorba Linda is home to several parks, including the Yorba Linda Regional Park, which features picnic areas, sports fields, and a lake for fishing and boating.