The City of Commerce is a small, close-knitted and beautiful city with well-planned and secure neighborhoods, thriving entrepreneurial spirit supported by a plethora of employment opportunities, a variety of recreational centers and quality education system. It not only makes it a great place to live and work but also a lucrative place to invest in for development projects.

If you’re interested in constructing your new development project here, in the City of Commerce, then get in touch with the Planning Division.

The Planning Division of the city is responsible for reviewing all residential and commercial development project proposals. The Division ensures that the proposals are in compliance with their Commerce Municipal Code which helps them regulate land use for compatibility with the surrounding areas.

To discuss your project needs, schedule an appointment with Matt Marquez, Deputy Director of Development Services by calling on (323) 722-4805 ext. 2820 or have one of our experienced structural engineers lead your project and represent your project to the division official. We have a history of working with the Planning Division Department of the City of Commerce. Our structural engineers have worked cohesively on a variety of industrial, residential and commercial projects with the Planning Division team and have a strong understanding of their work procedures and permit requirements.

Working with us will help you start your development project in a timely manner. Many first time developers often experience delays in their construction projects as they fail to provide complete documents needed for permit acquisition and project approval. Besides this, they also fail to comply with the city’s zoning regulations. Delays in construction projects can result in big losses. To avoid this and to streamline your construction work process, allow us to lead your project.

From grading plans to drainage plans, and permit acquisition, we will assist you every step of the way to your satisfaction. Contact us today to enjoy a stress-free project development experience in the City of Commerce.


Building in the City of Commerce :

The zoning code was created to define land use districts and rules that prohibit the exploitation or abuse of the land, safeguard public health, safety, comfort, and welfare, and guarantee that the City’s growth and development are orderly and gives the most significant benefit to its citizens. The zoning code outlines the locations of particular land uses and establishes guidelines for their development to guarantee the security and effectiveness of all uses. The zoning law also aims to safeguard people from the adverse effects of nearby, incompatible land uses. The code also serves as a framework for implementing and advancing the general plan’s objectives, policies, programs, standards, and guiding principles.No one is allowed to utilize a property unless it has been officially approved by the zoning code and is in compliance with its rules and requirements.

Three residential zones are established to provide residents with a comfortable, healthy, safe, and pleasant living environment. These zones must be kept apart from disruptive and incompatible activities that can interfere with this goal. The several zones are made to accommodate particular living arrangements, such as single-family and multifamily housing, in quantities adequate to meet the demands of the citizens of the City.

The purpose of the commercial zone is to make it possible to create and run commercial and retail operations in prime metropolitan locations. These purposes are designed to address the demands of the business and resident populations by offering a range of products and services. Development intensity is limited in the business zone to prevent unneeded interruptions to the nearby residential districts. Retail establishments, dining establishments, personal services firms, offices, repair facilities, and parking are just a few of the permitted uses in the commercial zone.

Three manufacturing zones are created to provide areas for producing a wide range of products and materials, enabling complementing commercial uses to locate nearby. The various industrial zones were created to maximize the effectiveness of roadway and utility design, encourage segregation of these uses from sensitive residential uses and guarantee the provision of necessary public services.

The commercial public facility zone is designed to give public and quasi-public community facilities enough room to operate. These facilities must be conveniently situated to meet community requirements and shielded from other land uses’ interference. Municipal and other forms of governance, public educational institutions, places of worship, and recreational sites are all permitted uses. Under certain restrictions established in the zoning ordinance, other uses including hospitals, utilities, and public service buildings could be allowed.

The zoning map is found in the Knowledge Center.

The Commerce General Plan will guide the City’s future planning and growth. This general plan recognizes the City’s prior planning initiatives, the community’s established land use patterns, and the development policy implemented. The procedures and strategies outlined in this general plan intend to influence the community’s physical development and reveal the City’s future vision.


City of Commerce – Planning Department:

The Planning Division aids the general public by providing information regarding zoning and development. The Planning Division evaluates all residential, commercial, and industrial development plans to guarantee conformity with the Commerce Municipal Code.

The division controls the size and kind of land use that may be developed in a particular area of the City. The division manages land uses for compliance with neighboring uses using the City’s General Plan and Municipal Code. The General Plan and the Commerce Municipal Code provide policies and regulations that serve as a framework for managing the City’s material and financial resources. Development standards are incorporated for density, height, yards and open space, parking, and landscaping.

The division advises the Planning Commission and City Council on land use and development projects and policy and manages the General Plan and Municipal Code. Public hearings are organized by staff for projects that need discretionary consideration. Planning is also in charge of aiding members of the public at the City Hall planning counter and with the permit procedure.


City of Commerce – Building and Safety Department:

The Building and Safety Division inspects building designs and performs different building inspection tasks, such as issuing building permits. The design, construction, quality of materials, usage and occupancy, placement, and upkeep of all buildings and structures within the City of Commerce are all under the authority of this division, which safeguards the public welfare.


City of Commerce – Public Works Department:

The Public Works Department ensures that the City develops and grows in a way that is compatible with the goals and values of the neighborhood. We also take care of the City’s roadways and other public facilities.

The Public Works Department’s divisions consist of the following:

  • Building & Facilities Maintenance
  • Parks Maintenance Services
  • Public Works/Engineering Services
  • Environmental Services


General Area Summary: 

California’s southeast Los Angeles County is home to the City of Commerce. Vernon borders it on the west, Maywood on the southwest, Downey and Bell Gardens on the south, Los Angeles on the northwest, East Los Angeles on the north, Montebello on the east, and Vernon on the west. Commerce has a population of over 12,000.


Contact Information:

The commerce community center is located at 2535 Commerce Way. Commerce, CA 90040. You can call them at (323) 722-4805