With over 3 million residents, Orange County is the 3rd most populous county in CA. The county boasts a thriving economy, top quality education systems, excellent health care facilities and community services, making it a great place to not just work, but also live and raise children.

The OC Community Development Department continuously strives to provide efficient support to developers, residents and contractors to facilitate the development of private properties in accordance with the laws, guidelines and regulations. The community development department believes this is the only way to provide safe and quality living to the locals.

If you have any questions or need more information on starting property development work in OC, call on 1-714-667-8899 to schedule your appointment with their official. Or, you can have one of our professionals discuss your project needs with their official and plan your project effectively.

Since development projects involve a lot of technicalities, your inability to get your proposal approved and obtain the permits needed to start your project, can instigate negative effects, like loss of productivity and revenues and increased costs. In some cases, it may also result in contract termination.

To avoid delays on the construction project delivery time, allow our team to manage your project. We have years of experience working on different types of development projects across OC. Our structural engineers can work collaboratively with the planning division team and ensure your development project work runs seamlessly.

We can assist you with grading plans, drainage plans and structural plans. Additionally, we also help you obtain building safety and construction work permits.