Cypress is located in the Orange County and has a population of 47,802 as of the census conducted in 2010. Incorporated in 1956, a number of people are moving to Cypress because of the many opportunities it offers.

If you’re interested in setting up your residential or commercial project in the city of Cypress, or have an existing project that you need to remodel, you need to take up your structural plans to Cypress’ Community Development Department for approval. You can reach them at their office at 5275 Orange Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630, or via phone at (714) 229 6720 Monday to Friday. You would have to ensure that your plans are presented in the light of the legal regulations and not a single word or phrase creates misunderstanding. Otherwise, it might be rejected.

The Eden Group has been working with the city’s Planning Department for several years, and understands the sensitive nature of creating documents and presenting plans to the authorities. We can use our experience to help you out. Our civil and structural engineers in Cypress are able to develop drainage plans, grading plans, street improvement plans, structural plans and hydrology plans for you and meet with the relevant authorities on your behalf to present your case in a manner that maximizes your chances of approval. Talk to our experts today about how we can help you increase your chances of getting your permits!