Once a round clump of willows, the City of El Segundo has evolved unbelievably, now being recognized as a major aeronautical and an industrial business center. From quality public and health services to an excellent education system to a variety of recreational facilities and a plethora of job opportunities, the City of El Segundo offers everything that is essential to enjoying a quality life.

With several new residential and commercial projects underway, the city is all set for a great economic growth. Many developers from in and around El Segundo continue to invest and build projects here. If you’re also among them, then before you lay the first brick and start your project, we suggest you to meet their planning division officials.

The city requires new developers to submit their development plan to the planning division for review before any construction work is begun. This division reviews the plan and makes recommendations to ensure it is in accordance to their General City Plan and zoning regulations.

It’s best to discuss your project needs with an official. Schedule an appointment by calling on 310-524-2344. You can also have one of our experienced engineers meet with their official to plan your project effectively.

The Eden Group has been providing civil & structural engineering services including grading plans, drainage plans and structural plans to residential and commercial project developers for more than 33 years in El Segundo. We understand the work methodologies and permit requirements of starting a construction project in the City.

Our team can provide you end to end project assistance. We can help you obtain the required permits and discuss your project needs with the planning division team.


Building in city of El Segundo :

The General Plan specifies policy aims and objectives to mold and directs the development of the City, acting as a plan for future growth and development. It serves as a thorough policy document that guides future land use decisions, establishes land use designations and policies that specify various zoning options that may be used on property, and supports decision-makers as they examine planning requests for new projects or take into consideration proposals for ordinances or policies.

Ten components comprise the general Plan: waste management, hazardous materials, air quality, noise, air circulation, housing, open space and recreation, conservation, and economic development. These components outline the fundamental planning principles for the City and specify how resources and land should be utilized. It represents the community’s values and top objectives and serves as the City’s vision for future development.

The zoning code was enacted and developed to promote public health, safety, and general welfare and to offer advantages in terms of the economy and society that come from the planned and organized use of land resources.

Any construction, reconstruction, or structural alteration of a structure or use of real property for a purpose not expressly authorized by the zone in which the building or land is located is prohibited. A misdemeanor is committed when a structure or piece of land is used for an illegal function under federal, state, or local law or this Code.

The Single-Family Residential (R-1) Zone was established to support and encourage the construction of single-family houses in an area that is safe and healthy for both current and future occupants.

The Two-Family Residential (R-2) Zone was established to support and encourage the construction of single-family and two-family houses in a safe and healthy setting for current and future occupants.

The Multi-Family Residential (R-3) Zone was established to allow for the construction of multi-family complexes with facilities for both adults and children and to promote a safe and healthy environment for current and future inhabitants.

The Downtown Commercial (C-RS) Zone includes commercial, retail-service areas and specific parcels where such development is desired and is likely to occur. Regulations are intended to stabilize and safeguard the downtown area’s commercial, retail, and service character and foster an environment conducive to pedestrian access and movement. Therefore, the main uses are limited to commercial retail services and a few necessary and supplementary uses that are allowed under the conditional use permit.

The Neighborhood Commercial (C-2) Zone’s goals include promoting, protecting, enhancing, and providing for the neighborhood commercial requirements of nearby residential districts. Regulations are created and meant to accommodate both vehicle and pedestrian access. Therefore, neighborhood-serving general commercial applications are the only significant uses.

The General Commercial (C-3) Zone was created to encourage the growth of businesses that cater to a wide range of residents in the City and its environs. Regulations are designed to promote and manage their development to benefit all neighboring and nearby land users. Therefore, many commercial retail and service uses are among the primary uses.

The Corporate Office (CO) Zone is designed to facilitate the construction of office complexes. Regulations are created to encourage and manage their development to benefit all neighboring and nearby land users. Therefore, the primary applications are limited to a combination of office and food service usage, with little retail use.

The Commercial Center (C-4) Zone is designed to accommodate expanding businesses serving the City and its environs. The purpose of regulations is to encourage and manage the expansion of commercial center developments, including retail and service uses.

The Light Industrial (M-1) Zone is designed to allow for the location and grouping of light industrial operations, research, and technical processes, as well as associated offices and auxiliary uses providing support services for already existing and allowed enterprises, corporations, or commercial entities inside the zone.

The Heavy Industrial (M-2) Zone is designed to offer locations appropriate for the growth of heavy manufacturing, assembling, or processing activities with unique or potentially harmful operational characteristics and would have a negative impact if permitted to operate in other zones within the City.

You can find the zoning map in the Knowledge Center.

Any time a building or structure is erected, constructed, extended, altered, converted, or demolished, you must get a building permit from the Building Safety Division.

Following are the steps for construction projects:

  1. Draw up the plans for your project.
  2. Send in your permit requests and plans.
  3. The Plan Check Engineers examine your plans.
  4. Permits are granted when your proposals are approved.
  5. Construction begins.
  6. The building process calls for inspections.
  7. A final examination is conducted.
  8. A Certificate of Occupancy is issued.


City of El Segundo – Planning Department:

The Planning Division works to advance and improve the quality of life for El Segundo’s citizens, tourists, business owners, and property owners. The General Plan, which acts as the City’s road map and directs the general structure of the City, enables long-term planning. The Zoning Code, which provides the processes for development approvals such as Use Permits, Modifications, and Variances, has more detailed development criteria. It governs building size and height and regulates particular types of uses.


The city of El Segundo – Building and Safety Department:

The Building and Safety division controls building construction and occupancy to protect the health and welfare of El Segundo citizens. The work and cooperation of building officials and significant construction industry sectors have made it feasible for today’s codes to exist. Plans are reviewed, permits are issued, and on-site inspections are used to ensure compliance with building requirements.

Before construction begins, the department performs Plan Check to ensure a project complies with all applicable codes and is secure. It is accomplished by processing permits and checking submitted designs for structural, architectural, grading, and fire safety code compliance. This service gives the project the experience of a construction specialist and protects the builder from making costly mistakes during construction.


City of El Segundo – Public Works Department:

The Public Works Department aims to provide residents and businesses with services of the highest caliber while enhancing the quality of life for all of its constituents. The divisions within the department are:

  • Public Works Administration
  • Solid Waste Program
  • General Services
  • Engineering
  • Streets
  • Water 
  • Parks

The Water Division of the City of El Segundo manages the City’s water storage and distribution infrastructure. The Water Division takes pleasure in providing the citizens and other stakeholders of the City with reliable, safe drinking water. The City of El Segundo is dedicated to ensuring that the public’s investment in its water system is both financially prudent and enhances the standard of living in the neighborhood.

The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining approximately 57 miles of roadways and six miles of alleys in the City. Among the responsibilities for making sure the public right-of-way is kept in a secure and attractive state are the following:

  • Roadway (asphalt) repair and replacement
  • Sidewalks (concrete) repair and replacement
  • Weed abatement
  • Graffiti removal
  • Street sweeping and removal of debris on the public right-of-way
  • Inspection of contractor’s work in the public right-of-way to ensure compliance with codes and contractual obligations
  • Special event assistance
  • First Responder emergency services with Police and Fire

The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for managing both public and private works in the public right-of-way by:

  • Creating a capital improvement plan to repair and maintain city infrastructure.
  • Giving out permits for encroachment when operating on public land, delivering research, reports, and information on infrastructure.
  • Creating a stormwater management plan to meet federal and state standards.

The Parks Division oversees the maintenance of all city parks, open space, medians, recreational fields, parkway trees, the Downtown District, Imperial strip, Memory Row, Campus El Segundo, Camp Eucalyptus, Fire Stations, and the City Hall Campus.


General Area Summary: 

El Segundo is home to the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Air Force Base, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies. The City’s thriving economy comprises industry leaders in aerospace and military, bioscience, information technology, energy, real estate, and creative media. It is known as the “Aerospace Capital of the World.”


Contact Information:

The City’s community center is at 350 Main Street, El Segundo, CA, 90245. Their phone number is 310-524-2300.