Once a round clump of willows, the City of El Segundo has evolved unbelievably, now being recognized as a major aeronautical and an industrial business center. From quality public and health services to an excellent education system to a variety of recreational facilities and a plethora of job opportunities, the City of El Segundo offers everything that is essential to enjoying a quality life.

With several new residential and commercial projects underway, the city is all set for a great economic growth. Many developers from in and around El Segundo continue to invest and build projects here. If you’re also among them, then before you lay the first brick and start your project, we suggest you to meet their planning division officials.

The city requires new developers to submit their development plan to the planning division for review before any construction work is begun. This division reviews the plan and makes recommendations to ensure it is in accordance to their General City Plan and zoning regulations.

It’s best to discuss your project needs with an official. Schedule an appointment by calling on 310-524-2344. You can also have one of our experienced engineers meet with their official to plan your project effectively.

The Eden Group has been providing civil & structural engineering services including grading plans, drainage plans and structural plans to residential and commercial project developers for more than 33 years in El Segundo. We understand the work methodologies and permit requirements of starting a construction project in the City.

Our team can provide you end to end project assistance. We can help you obtain the required permits and discuss your project needs with the planning division team.