The City of Fontana was incorporated in 1952. It saw a massive spurt of growth during the World War II when entrepreneur Henry J. Kaiser built a steel mill in the area. To provide for the workers, he also established the Fontana Kaiser Permanente medical facility, which is the largest managed care organization in the US. As per the 2010 census, the population of the area is 196,069.

If you are thinking about setting up a residential or commercial project in the area or remodeling an existing one, then you must obtain permits first. You need to reach out to the Fontana Community Development Department at (909) 350-7600, or at their office on 8353 Sierra Avenue Fontana, CA 92335 and bring your structural plans and relevant documentation. You can also hire expert civil and structural engineers in Fontana who have been working with the city’s Planning Department for many years. They can meet with the authorities on your part to ensure that your plans and documents are flawless and are presented in light of the local regulations.

The Eden Group is qualified to help you in this case. Our professionals have a long history with the planning department and have extensive experience in understanding the permit approval process from start to finish. They can develop drainage plans, grading plans, street improvement plans and hydrology plans for you and will make sure that there is no misplaced word or phrase that might lead your project to rejection. Talk to our experts today to discuss your project needs!