Established in 1905, Vernon is the first city in the Southwestern US to be exclusively dedicated to industrial activities. It is home to numerous industries including, but not limited to food, apparel, agriculture, steel, logistics and plastics totaling over 1800 businesses.

The City of Vernon continues to maintain strong philanthropic ties with the communities nearby, where much of its workforce dwells. If you’re thinking of developing your next industrial project here, then consult their Planning Division first. The Planning Division oversees and manages all the developments of the city. It makes sure all new development projects are in conformity with the city’s zoning ordinance. It also administers conditional use permits and CEQA applications.

To meet their officials, schedule an appointment by calling on 323-583-8811. They are open from Monday through Thursday. Their counter hours are 7am to 5:30pm. If you want an experienced civil & structural engineering company to handle your project and take care of all the aspects of your development phase including meetings with the Planning Division, then feel free to call one of our engineers.

Serving property and industrial developers in and around the City of Vernon for more than 33 years, we, at The Eden Group, have the experience and expertise to manage, supervise and handle all kinds of development projects. We can work with the Planning Division and help plan your project effectively. We can also help obtain permits that you need to start your construction work on time. Whether it is grading design or structural analysis, you can count on us to satisfy all your project needs.